Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Rules

This blog is my attempt to track my long journey to success as I apply The Law's of Success philosophy to my life.  I intend to inform you all of every step I take along the way.

The first step I'm taking is to apply Gratitude.  This is a weakness for me at the moment. I would like to develop the habit of being thankful and incorporate it into my character. I realize merely saying "thank you" to someone is not enough... I must take action.

I have written out 9 principles I'd like to develop as habits.  They are as follows:

1. Gratitude
2. Material Prosperity
3. Sound Physical Health
4. Peace of Mind
5. Hope
6. Applied Faith
7. Love
8. Romance
9. Over all wisdom.

I plan on using Benjamin Franklin's own method found in is Autobiography. I'm going to take this list and practice one principle a week while keeping track of times I failed. Once the week is over I'll allow that principle to be kept in my subconscious mind and practice the next principle on my list.  While exercising the previous principles as the opportunity arises.

This is only one of the lists I will be applying to my life... But I have to start somewhere.

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