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Signature Xavier

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



How many of us are effected by what is unknown to us?  What part does this unknown play in our everyday life?  Can you vividly imagine your life's end?  Can you feel the emotions triggered by future events?  Is it possible to reach into the future and change the very course of our lives?

By using our imagination we can create our future.  Most say it's impossible to know future events; that we're blindly drifting along the river of life.  I humbly disagree.  What if I were to tell you it's possible to tell future events by simply observing your current state.  Our thoughts trigger emotions, but not new emotions.  The emotions being displayed are from the very archives of your mind.  Everything you feel today comes from a stored emotion created by similar events in your past.

How does this help us determine our future?  While in a state of deep meditation, I was shown that everyone's past, present, and future are all around us.  The events responsible for our emotions have long passed, but the effects of them remain.  The remains are our memories.  With this being true it's not difficult to combined possible future events with the stored information that resinates our being.  I was shown this to explain my ability of being able to see the past, present, and future of others.

You can use this gift by looking into yourself.  It's called foresight.  Being able to accurately determine your behavior under certain circumstances will give you a good idea as to what your reaction would be if they were to come true.  Once you've established your reaction you'll be able to determine if its a favorable one.  If not, this would be the time to restructure your emotions associated with that particular thought or future event.  When this future event occurs your mind will revert back to the newly stored emotion rather than the unfavorable one.

If you can't see yourself living a successful life... more than likely you'll never achieve it.  Accurately use your imagination to see a bright future.  Then, begin to live into that future as though it were already true.

If you have any questions on this matter, I'd be happy to answer them.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Have you ever noticed times where you've had super human motivation, and other times you can't find the strength to climb out of bed?  It becomes a strange phenomena when we fail to identify it's root, called Stimuli.  Stimuli is the very element that stimulates your mind and springs you to action.

I, myself, have to work keeping my stimuli in mind.  I recently lost focus of my stimuli and motivation disappeared.  It took days, if not weeks, to re-establish the spark that triggers my creative imagination.  When investigating, I found nothing had changed around me, but my thoughts.  The power of my own thoughts caused a destructive cycle to occur.  For the last week I fought against this negative cycle with no avail, taking on a character that wasn't my own.  I couldn't take it anymore and remembered I needed to find that spark which causes the fames of motivation to explode.

I found my stimuli and immediately felt reborn.  It's strange how quickly our mind reverts to negative thoughts when not being monitored. Have you experienced something of this nature? Great! It's perfectly normal.  Now it's time to search for what springs you to action.

Here's a demonstration of what we're capable of and how to use it.  At work, when asked to do something more than is required by our job description, an undesirable feeling comes.  As a result, our work is undesirable in our employer's eyes and suddenly a raise is out of the question.  What if our parents ask us to accomplish the same task?  Would we give the same effort? No, of course not!  What changed?  Our thoughts!  Then feelings tag along and either caused anger for having to work harder, or, pleasure to help someone you love.

Can you imagine the possibilities of harnessing such power!  Wow, that gets me excited!  In the end, just remember friends, don't allow your current reality to choke out your dreams.  Fight against  those negative thoughts with positive ones and find your stimuli.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011



I thought I'd take the time to tell the story of when I first applied the Laws of Success in my life.  Hopefully, it'll give you a spark of inspiration to do something similar.

It was in July of 2009, when I first read the book "Think and Grow Rich".  I carefully went through each step provided throughout the chapters in the book.  I sat in a break room of the attorney's office I worked for and began to write out my life's plan.  The first thing I had to write was my definite chief aim.  To my dismay, I couldn't think of one thing to write down.  I puzzled over this question for two weeks before I finally came to terms with what I wanted.

The first mention of my desire I dismissed as being a foolish idea.  That desire was to become a respected movie director someday.  I told myself it wasn't possible and continued looking for other ideas.  Then, on the last day of the two weeks I asked myself, "why isn't it possible?"  To my surprise, I couldn't come up with an answer.  I had been asking myself the wrong question the whole time.

Once I made it my goal, I began with the next steps. Which were determining the exact date I planned on achieving my definite chief aim, and the exact steps I was going to take to obtain it.  These are the three most crucial steps to discover within yourself,  before you can begin down the road to fulfilling your dreams.  Think of building a house without a blue print.  How successful do you honestly think you'll be?

Soon after I answered these questions, I quit my job of 6 years working for a respected attorney.  The things that caused me to follow through with my plan where these thoughts; Create your own chaos and burn your bridges.  Creating your own chaos is grounded in the evidence of everyone throughout history.  Every time chaos presents itself we change significantly, but only by it's force.  Otherwise, we'd stay the same forever, stuck in our beloved comfort zone.

Burning your bridges comes after you've decided to act.  You set off for your adventure burning the bridge behind you.  Meaning there's no way to get back from where you came.  There's no possibility to stop and go back to what you've known, because you've destroyed that way in your mind.  It's eliminating the possibility of failure and the only way back home is by accomplishing your definite chief aim.

It doesn't hurt to have a friend that's willing to travel the journey with you.  My friend, strangely enough, thought it was a good idea to jump as well.  He's the one that pushed me off the cliff.  Thanks George!  It's also made possible by my girlfriend, whom has supported me thoroughly throughout my venture.  Thanks Kelly!

Now, my business partner and I get regular work doing what we love and have done over fifty videos together.  All of us can only get better if we apply persistence.  Anything you want to become can be achieved with constant effort toward it's direction.

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Monday, January 3, 2011




Today, I felt it necessary to speak about the person within us that gets very little to no attention.  What constitutes living true to ones self?  How do we know at the end of our lives we'll have fulfillment?  What could we do in our daily lives to feed the desires of our inner being?

We cannot become fully functioning in our lives without acquiring the knowledge of who we are.  Much needed information comes from truly knowing yourself.  What makes you feel deeply satisfied inside?  What are your passions?  What do you desire above all things in life?  What are your true fears?  What buried emotions from the distant past erode your present judgment?

These are questions we should be able to readily answer.  Yet they evade us.  Taking time to be alone with yourself and talking over these subjects can prove to be very beneficial.  How much time does it take?  It can be an hour or two a day.  In my own experience, I sat for 5 hours unwilling to move until I got the answers I was looking for.  I discovered many truths of myself and also of life.  After months of training my mind in this way not only did I have a clearer perspective of my life, but answers started to come quicker.  Any questions arising from my day-to-day life began to unfold before me on that very day.  Soon the answers came within the hour.

I can't express how desperately needed this is amongst our generation.  In my imagination, I see a parade of people walking together.  They seem to know happiness, because they have such laughter.  I then, realize they are a group of fools with no direction.  They have gathered into a great multitude, those that love to follow, but didn't have a leader.  Those who never understood their purpose, wandered aimlessly into the desert.  When they come to their senses they won't know their location or how to return from where they came.  Even if they knew their way back, time would not permit another lengthy journey.

Take time out of your day to get to know yourself better.  Trust me, you'll see the difference.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011



There's another realm that makes up who we are and that's the spirit.  We can eat healthy food and feed ourselves positive thoughts and still not be completely healthy.  The spirit man within us also requires food to stay healthy.  Spiritual food uplifts our spirit, and in turn our spirit produces happiness.

There are plenty resources to find Spiritual Food, the best being the Bible.  Words of Life will generate life within us and spring us to new heights.  It shows us what's possible and causes our hope for greater things to flourish.  It calls upon our faith which is so important in any endeavor in life.  Faith causes a man to dedicate his life to his work like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill, etc.  Men like these gave many years of their lives to create what would come to be known as their life's work.

Throughout the history of the United States, the leaders have been men of faith.  Faith in God causes the heart to seek peace with his fellow man.  It causes our perception of life to widen, allowing us to see a bigger picture.  It'll cause you to think of eternity, and thus deepening your pattern of thought.

We all display a type of faith on a daily basis when we work without being paid up front.  We have faith that our employer is able to satisfy his obligation.  We do this without questioning it.  Nine hours of your life dedicated to a person of business that promises to pay you at the end of the week, two weeks, or end of the month.  If we put the same faith into something greater we just might be motivated to chase after greater things.

Honestly ask yourself, am I where I thought I would be, in life at this age, when I was in high school?  Chances are life is a little different than what we imagined.  This can be identified and traced to the inner workings of faith in our mind.  We lived into the limited reality we felt was possible at the time we made our decisions.  Step back and take a look at everything you've learn from life.  Look through all of your experiences.  Now ask yourself, if I could go back would I do things the same way?  If you're like me the answer is No.  This is a good thing!  We now have the opportunity to change our lives right now to incorporate all of our findings into our decisions.

We can become that person we always thought we would be! Make the decision to make a change in your life.  There's no better time than now!

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