Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A well known adversary goes unnoticed everyday of our lives.  We carry on as though it doesn't linger by our side.  We prefer ignorance above having any dealings with it, as if it would just fade away.  Unfortunately, it affects every aspect of our lives, blinds our vision, clouds our mind, aggravates our temperament, and places snares before our feet.

This universal adversary is called "Self."  It is the most harmful opponent of all others.  While we can clearly see the faults in the decisions of others, that's hardly the case when looking in the mirror.  It seems that the reflections of the shiny surfaces of our bad decisions blind us.  We walk around with the heavy chains of hypocrisy and wonder why we're weighed down.  Perhaps, it's from the piercing noise of these chains scraping against the face of our destiny that dull our ears to correction.

Many, who are in search for success, read motivational books, books on success and changing our habits.  There is one undisputed truth that laces the ground work of every Philosophy.  Without understanding this truth you'll be trapped in the reigns of defeat... and not know why?  An awful remanence is left from the dark presence of Confusion.  One that does not lift away quickly.  This truth is the willingness to accept you've been wrong your entire life, in everything.  From the way you perceive life, to every unconscious choice you made as a young adult.  It is the willingness to accept that everything you thought was right... is actually wrong.

It is only in the acceptance in this truth that you'll ever find yourself.  Your life right now is the sum total of every thought you've ever had.  You forged yourself from the life changing decisions you made based on these thoughts.  Once a decision was reached these thoughts became your truth.  A truth you developed roughly around the age of 10 to 12 years old.  In retrospect, do you honestly believe a 10 to 12 year old has formed an accurate assessment of life? I don't believe so either.  Sadly, this truth is engraved into the flesh of the heart and is rarely changed in any one persons lifetime.

Find this willingness in your heart.  Then, once you've torn down the fabricated walls that have protected you all these years, embark on the journey to see life with new and fresh sight.  It is beautifully refreshing!

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