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Signature Xavier

Friday, September 16, 2011



Today I'd like to speak in retrospect of my journey thus far. I think you may find it interesting to know it wasn't so long ago I was a completely different person. In that, I was very negative towards life. I often thought it was unfair I wasn't given an option of whether I wanted to be born or not. I thought to myself "if I was given an option I would have chosen to never have been born." A terrible thought, don't you agree?

It was a fascinating discovery to learn that I could control my thoughts and feelings to a degree of completely transforming myself. If you're a person that has known me since then I'm sure you'll agree I'm not the same person at all. I'm often asked "what caused the change or what triggered the thought that you needed to change?" That of course, isn't that easy to answer. It was many things in my life that built up over the years and led to a certain point where I decided change was necessary. It is only fare to note I've always felt a calling over my life which helped in that moment I realized I wasn't anywhere close to fulfilling it.

Every event in my life leading up to this changing point played a very big part in my transformation. However, at the moment I was going through it I felt like a complete failure. It was through the course of educating myself with different philosophies that I picked up the habit of learning from defeat. Once this was apart of my thinking every experience was an education that propelled me high above prior thinking.

On July 14, 2003, I began working for an Attorney by the name of Charles H. Soley. Who now is a very dear friend of mine and I often have dinner with him and his lovely wife and son. I was very young minded. Although, I didn't think so at the time. I went through many challenges working at his office. Often times I just wanted to walk out and never come back. It got easier through the years, but not until I started to change my attitude towards life. At first, I hated every day of work. Then, I began to appreciate it. My biggest lesson after six and a half years of working there was... every situation I went through was specifically shaping me to endure what was waiting ahead for me.

I left that job on great terms and equipped with much experience to pursue my goals. Even now I educate myself daily. Not just with reading, but also by revisiting every experience throughout the day and categorizing them in terms of usefulness. If I had a bad experience I sit back and analyze it, strip the negative from it, and find its lesson. This creates a keen sense for the positive in everything. The benefit... I'm not left feeling angry or sad. Instead, I transform that negative energy into a usable fuel that energizes my body and excellerates me into a higher state of mind. I no longer look at only my life... I look at humanity as a whole and make decisions based from this plateau. Keeping your mind focused on how miniscule we are in the scheme of greater things is difficult, but very rewarding.

I always try to practice the Golden Rule which is: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, if your positions were reversed.' Being kind and at peace always with everyone is an essential key to success not only in business, but also in life.

Subsequently, life is beginning to turn in my favor for those things I've sought after. Its been two years since I've went whole heartedly after my dreams. I've learned a lot, I've grown a lot, and this is only the beginning. I will never stop, I will never rest, until I pull my dreams into this reality, until I hold my dreams in physical form within these hands.

You can do the same by working at it everyday. Never let anyone discourage you from your path. Work on yourself everyday and know that any tiny progress is still progress no matter what the world around you says.

If ever you have a question about any of my writings, please feel free to ask me.  I'm more than willing to take the time to respond to the best of my knowledge.  I believe in serving those who reach out for help.

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Friday, August 12, 2011


WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT to live in a world where there are no obstacles and nothing gets in your way from having everything you've ever wanted? IMAGINE a world where everyone's on your side rooting for you to succeed, a world where you couldn't find one voice of criticism.  Can you IMAGINE living a life with no limitations where everything you dreamed up was possible for you to accomplish?  Can you IMAGINE the overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy you'd have everyday from being successful at what you love?  Being able to provide for your loved ones and knowing you've changed everything?  Can you IMAGINE the moment where you realize you've positively affected the lives of those you love, who love you, and those who take to heart your words and examples?

If you can IMAGINE these things then you have already experience what it feels like to be there.  For a brief moment you were teleported to the time and place where you are that person you want to be.  It's possible to experience these feelings everyday all day if you have the discipline.

I'd like to talk to you about BELIEF, what it is, and how it affects us.  In previous writings I've discussed thoughts and how changing them can alter your life forever.  Now, I'd like to go a little deeper into the center of our being.  Our BELIEFS are what make us who we are.  In everyday decisions we depend on our BELIEF'S to guide us. BELIEFS are what we feel about the world and everything in it.  Throughout your life you've made both conscious and subconscious decisions about how you're going to feel about a certain subject.  For the most part, these BELIEFS go uncensored for the majority of our lives and sometimes for the remainder of our lives.

Our BELIEFS govern our behavior.  If you truly believe in your heart you were born to be great nothing can sway you from your quest to obtain it.  Likewise, if you truly believe you'll never be one of those successful people... you never will be. Nor can you, because everything within you will come against you every time you try. The negative voice of the left side of your brain will dominate your person and you'll constantly repeat the negative thoughts in your mind until you are thoroughly convinced they're true.

You gain power of your BELIEFS when you realize you have the power and ability to change them.  Take some time to be alone and examine your BELIEFS about yourself.  Do you honestly believe you were created to be great?  Well, why not???  If asking yourself this question makes you feel doubt about your potential then change the way you feel about it.  Perhaps everyone has been in a situation where they were confident they were going to win at something.  Whether it be a game, a bet, or a fight. There has been a time in your life when you were certain of yourself.  Even if it was just for a brief moment.

Let us use the imagination we have and IMAGINE waking up one morning and feeling completely confident.  When you walk outside everyone says "hi" to you and smiles.  IMAGINE pulling up to work and already feeling completely confident that no matter what problems arise you're completely ready for them.  You know for a fact you have the intelligence to overcome them.  IMAGINE how it feels when everything you do comes so easily to you.  Without effort you're able to be the best at everything you do.  IMAGINE how it feels to never be afraid of failing, because you know if you don't know something you could easily learn it.

Its totally possible!  If you have the ability to IMAGINE, then you have the power to create.  All it takes is for you to START NOW.

If ever you have a question about any of my writings, please feel free to ask me.  I'm more than willing to take the time to respond to the best of my knowledge.  I believe in serving those who reach out for help.

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Friday, July 22, 2011


As we walk through the dusty roads of predicament and struggle with strife from the life we were handed at birth, we seldom realize the beauty that surrounds us.  Our eyes become corrupted from our thoughts and false beliefs so much that what we perceive isn't actually what's really there.  It is easy to spot the colors of others... but who will save us from ourselves?

We are comprised of vast complexities, ruled by the internal Self, which many have not come to know or realize.  The power of Self is of extraordinary proportions.  If only we would learn to harness it instead of allowing it to run unmanned.  Here is the wonderful truth... we can control it.  Like the first time you took a step as an infant you can step out into the unknown practices of Self Control.  Learning to control the Self also entails controlling your thoughts.  We whisper to ourselves constantly throughout the day without monitoring what is being said.  We look at something and speak to ourselves saying what we feel about it.  Such statements include:
"uh I hate that", "that's stupid", "I can't stand that person", "stupid haters", "I wish I could do that", "if only I had that then I would be happy too",  etc.

I'm sure you get the point.  As you make these statements with repetition they are impressed deeply into your subconscious mind as a seed planted in soil.  The next thing that happens is these seeds are cultivated in thought.  Habits are developed and it becomes the makeup of your character.

WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!  When we learn to change ourselves.  The question is how do we change ourselves? The answer is something most people don't want to hear... but I'm sure you're dying to hear it! Change starts with our thoughts and beliefs.  Here's an example; Normally you make this statement to yourself in the morning before going to work "I hate going to work." This is the thought you've made a habit thinking.  Your belief is something similar to "Work is boring, but it pays the bills" or "its something I have to do, but don't want to."  Both the thought and belief in this case produce negative chemicals in your body and thus we feel.  The feeling of hate in your body was cause by the thought of "hate" and enforced by the belief "This is boring or painful."  Therefore, every time you think of work or hear the word mentioned you feel "hate and pain."  Of course, its going to be a bad experience with that attitude!  Tell yourself to SHUT UP!

In order for true change to occur you must be WILLING TO CHANGE the way you THINK and BELIEVE.  The best way to start is to tell yourself "I was just looking at it wrong."  Then begin to look for the good in what is before you.  The job situation was just an example.  There are many thoughts and beliefs that you have that cause problems.  Not being able to see the problems in yourself will always cause the solution to elude you.  If you're a person that has a pattern of bad luck in relationships, employment, or in life in general... chances are you're the problem!

There's plenty of knowledge in the world that has been discovered by great men and women and recorded on paper with ink.  These sacred records are called books and they're everywhere!  If you're struggling with change first admit to yourself that you don't know everything.  Create an open mind by saying "it's possible that there may be something written in these books that can change my life forever."

The word "habit" is the key!  If you make a habit of thinking bad and feeling bad your always going to feel bad.  If you make a habit of thinking positive and feeling happy chances are you're going to feel really good about yourself.  It doesn't stop with thoughts and beliefs... you have to take action!  Get out there and do what you love!   Don't let the world tell you what to do in your life!  You tell the world what your going to do with your life... and it starts with you doing it right now!  Surprise them by taking the initiative of having fun without the worlds permission!  Laugh for no reason!  Smile and wave at everyone without caring what they'll say!  Wake up early on the weekend and go to the lake without any friends!  Then maybe you'll discover the fun in you!  Don't look for fun, create it!  Make it fun for others to be around you!  Be silly and laugh at yourself, because laughing is contagious!  Do anything and everything it takes to create happiness!  Its your birth-right!

I believe in you and know you have the ability to change your life for the good and positive of not only yourself, but for all those around you.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Through the course of my endeavor I have experienced defeat over and over.  I have been shackled by burdens too strenuous to breakthrough.  I have felt the weight of the world resting upon my chest.  At times bringing me to my knees.  Turning again in the direction in whence I came would be easier... but not honorable.

I feel it is necessary to touch on defeat.  What is defeat?  From my prospective, defeat is none other than the stepping stones I must walk on to reach my goals.  Defeat is the process of learning or becoming acquainted with that which I have set out to conquer.  It is the evidence of growth.  When turning back to gaze upon the path I've walked I can see the steps I have imprinted in the surface of the earth.  In that moment I see clearly my progress.

At the end of the first year of my journey, I had over come obstacles that stood as tall as mountains.  After climbing to the top I thought that would be the hardest part of my journey... I was wrong.  Survival itself in the jungle is a difficult task, but add to it the refusal to move away from your calling and you have the world standing in opposition.  At the top of the first mountain I stood in awe at the sight of much greater mountains.  I realized then and am still learning that the fight to success takes a warrior.

There is something profound about struggle.  Before I embarked on this journey I thought I knew the formula to success.  However, there was one ingredient missing.  That missing ingredient was the formation of a new character purged when walking through the fire.  The fire burned me and I quickly had to adapt to my new dangerous surroundings.  The fire, simply put, is the tester.  True success cannot be had by the accumulation of wealth.  It is had by the refining of your current character.  There is an unseen law that governs and protects virtues such as happiness, peace, love, joy, and a content heart.  All  -to-which can only be gained through a true and just heart.

Money is not my desire.  It's simply a benefit of becoming a success.  My true desire lies within the luxury of undeniable peace, a blameless character, and an upholder of justice.  Struggle and the refusal to be defeated creates an unfailing strength that will get you through the testy waters.

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Friday, May 13, 2011


There is plenty evidence that words alone cannot satisfy.  We may hear the words "I love you" uttered a thousand times, but without the affection to follow these words are hollow.  In like manner, when a promise isn't fulfilled the word "promise" is as empty as the persons intention to fulfill their obligation.  Everyday we read or see something new, but by the time our head hits the pillow that something has been long forgotten.

On our quest to obtain success there are many things we must learn and change about ourselves. Without change we will remain just an arms react away from our goals.  In deed, in order to obtain our ultimate goals in life we must have a plan of action.  First, decide what is your desired outcome. Then, begin to formulate a list of actions that can be taken to bring your desired outcome closer.  Of course, the starting point of action will be from your current state.  You can't say "I'm going to do this when I get the money."  That wouldn't work because your plan is dependent upon whether you get the money or not. Use your imagination to develop actions you can take with what you have now.

Words alone simply cannot satisfy.  Reading is vital to success.  That is, reading which involves educating yourself on obtaining your goal.  Here is the place where many miss the mark.  They believe once they've read a book they have the answers and are proud of themselves.  They never take the next step in transforming that knowledge into intelligent action.  I believe the reason for this is simply the fear of doing terrible the first time we try, and we relate embarrassment to these first attempts.  Once pain is associated to trying, our mind begins to devise reasoning for avoidance.

Like anything you set out to become great at, it takes time to build.  You must love the challenge this brings.  Love when you hit another dead end and must figure out how to get around it.  Love the moment you find yourself stuck and can't figure it out, because in this struggle you'll discover new ideas.  When testing your plan of action, it will become necessary to change it when you find that a particular way doesn't work. This is great! It's great because a new opportunity is presented to try a new idea.  Once you've made this a habit, you'll discover much about yourself and your abilities you didn't know you had.  Make this a habit and you'll grow far greater in proportion to those around you.

Make it a habit to learn something new in your field of endeavor everyday.  Then take that knowledge and put it into practice by adding it to your plan of action.  Challenge this new found knowledge to see if it holds up in real life.  There are many smart with knowledge, but the doer is the one who takes home the prize.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A well known adversary goes unnoticed everyday of our lives.  We carry on as though it doesn't linger by our side.  We prefer ignorance above having any dealings with it, as if it would just fade away.  Unfortunately, it affects every aspect of our lives, blinds our vision, clouds our mind, aggravates our temperament, and places snares before our feet.

This universal adversary is called "Self."  It is the most harmful opponent of all others.  While we can clearly see the faults in the decisions of others, that's hardly the case when looking in the mirror.  It seems that the reflections of the shiny surfaces of our bad decisions blind us.  We walk around with the heavy chains of hypocrisy and wonder why we're weighed down.  Perhaps, it's from the piercing noise of these chains scraping against the face of our destiny that dull our ears to correction.

Many, who are in search for success, read motivational books, books on success and changing our habits.  There is one undisputed truth that laces the ground work of every Philosophy.  Without understanding this truth you'll be trapped in the reigns of defeat... and not know why?  An awful remanence is left from the dark presence of Confusion.  One that does not lift away quickly.  This truth is the willingness to accept you've been wrong your entire life, in everything.  From the way you perceive life, to every unconscious choice you made as a young adult.  It is the willingness to accept that everything you thought was right... is actually wrong.

It is only in the acceptance in this truth that you'll ever find yourself.  Your life right now is the sum total of every thought you've ever had.  You forged yourself from the life changing decisions you made based on these thoughts.  Once a decision was reached these thoughts became your truth.  A truth you developed roughly around the age of 10 to 12 years old.  In retrospect, do you honestly believe a 10 to 12 year old has formed an accurate assessment of life? I don't believe so either.  Sadly, this truth is engraved into the flesh of the heart and is rarely changed in any one persons lifetime.

Find this willingness in your heart.  Then, once you've torn down the fabricated walls that have protected you all these years, embark on the journey to see life with new and fresh sight.  It is beautifully refreshing!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Be careful what thought's you keep, for they are the color paint we use.  Be careful what words you say they are the paintbrush that paints your life.  Careful the actions you take they are the canvas that mends with the paint that shapes your reality.

Before success of any kind can be obtained, you must change yourself.  You must realize the problem lies within and not without.  It is our continual pattern to look for the flaws of our surroundings, but can never identify the flaw within our own soul.

Life is attributed to many events that blend together to make our experiences.  We take these experiences as though they're written in stone.  The fact remaining, we never contributed to the feelings that etched our reality.  We simply lived through the events and made judgments based on our upbringing.  Here's the problem... who ever said our upbringing was correct.  To question such a thing... to this point in our lives is blasphemy.

Being raised as a man, to live in this world and survive, comes from much more than individualism.  If you were taught to be your own person and do whatever pleases you... you were mislead.  Every great leader knows you must lead by example.  If you want to be great, you want great things to be done, than you yourself must do great things.

Thoughts are the very thing that make up our chemistry, our personality.  These things constitute what we are... what defines us.  Easily, you can see how the simplest misconception can lead to a lifetime of  flaws and limits.  It's sad, but an accepted reality.  Is this what you want for yourself?  Is this what you feel you were born for?  Honesty, ask yourself... is this all you ever expected to achieve in life?

I'm sorry, but I'm not one of those persons that can just accept what life decides to throw at me.  Life is not our enemy, although often identified as such.  Life is within us... it is the very thing we breath within our lunges each and every morning we arise to see the perfection our Creator has flawlessly designed.  It is the thing that powers the mind to perform at its highest potential.

Think on this... the Creator, our God, Savior, and any other name you choose to call Him by, seen it so fit to put his complete attention on humanity.  We are the purpose of God.  We are His heart.  We are the reason He hasn't deserted this Earth... His children.  If you can't find the power within yourself to create a new you... No one can.  It starts with you believing within yourself, before anyone can believe in you.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Keep a careful eye on the things that surround you.  A person, a feeling, a place, spoken words, all can greatly affect your subconscious.  Those you attract, if bursting with negativity and stuck in status quo, will drag you inevitably through the dark alley's of hollow doubt.

Analyzing your environment and making the necessary changes isn't easy.  I'm convinced there isn't one man that achieved greatness without struggle and without going through some form of pain.  This is the first step to transforming your life.  Cutting a way the baggage will allow you to move more quickly and think sharper.  What are we changing here?  Friends, family, acquaintances, places you socialize that don't line up with your chosen purpose in life.

Let's get focused again.  Our purpose in this journey of walking the long roads of destiny and lonely paths of truth is to finally obtain our desired success.  Placing yourself in a setting that completely compliments your desire will cause you to become more powerful.  Associating yourself with people that have no doubt in their hearts and are even more determine to make it than you, will be your fuel.  

Before you can look for a external success, you must first accomplish an internal success.  That is, correcting the many flaws within yourself, before pursuing a great position.  All greatness comes with great responsibility.  Jesus once said "To him that much is given, much will be required."  Find the flaws in your character and correct them.  It's very easy for us to identify the flaws in others, and that's great.  Now use the same tools to look into yourself.  If you have trouble performing this, ask someone you care about and trust to give you their honest opinion.  However, don't get hurt once you hear the truth, try with all that is within you to change them.

They're only habits and they had to be formed and worked on to get them to the state they're in now.  Now that you know this, you are the farmer.  Plant your seeds in the soil of your mind and cultivate them daily with meditative thought.

There's nothing worst than working with someone that's completely negative, no faith in accomplishing dreams, who truly believes nothing will work.  Stay far away from such characters, for as the saying goes "misery loves company."  Don't become of vicim of such.  Break free and live without limitations, without doubt, without fear in your heart.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Being at peace within ones self is vital to happiness, but how do we obtain it?  We have heard many methods the world over, and yet many are still without it.  Peace starts within you.  It's when our mind, body, and spirit are in agreement with one another.  Again, how does one approach this?

The phrase "Peace of Mind" clearly states the where and what, but not the how.  First you must purify your conscience.  The thoughts that develop your character must be examined.  Any such thoughts that include anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, or any other wrong doing, immediately goes to work in constructing your view of the world.  Most importantly that of other people.  Even without knowing someone we experience and feel dishonestly in a person.

The reason being that every thought you have is present with you everywhere you go.  Thoughts are things.  Therefore, if scheming thoughts frequent the mind, they can be felt by the receiver through the charged frequencies that are released from one mind and passed over to all those occupying their company.  Thus, any lies a person has told in the past has carved a groove in their thought pattern called a habit.  All those who encounter this man, in business, will sense a dishonestly in him.  Not only will his prospects sense it, but his voice will carry the tones of dishonestly with every word he speaks.

All of the above stated emotions, categorized as harmful, will seep through every word you speak.  It will be seen in your eyes by everyone around, because these harmful habits have become the foundation of your character.  Peace of mind comes through having a clear conscience.  A clear conscience comes from being without blame.  It comes when one chooses not to wrong his brother or fellow man.  It comes from the act of honestly in ones dealings and the feeling of love for all.  How can we feel love for all? Forgiveness.

We are intellectual beings, designed with great capacity.  Our full potential is there to be explored, but needs an explorer.  All of the answers to a successful life start with the changing of yourself.  Your willingness to become a different person, a better person, is what makes accomplishing your dreams possible.  Start with yourself and start now.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Concentrate On Performance

The benefit of working in the field you love is that you work harder.  If you're stuck working a job you hate it can be very difficult to connect desire to the task at hand.  You'll cringe at your employer's request for any given task.

There are two ways of dealing with this.  Either, you decide to begin working in a field that defines you, or learn to love what you do.  It's not everyone's ambition to create an empire of their own.  That's okay.  The first obstacle to over come is your conversation.  We love expressing hate for our jobs and this ultimately creates the resentment we feel.  Find things about it that you love.  Like, why you started working there in the first place. (Money is the motivating factor for most of us... not so motivating when you're stuck exchanging your life for a little money.)

After you've got on board and love what you do it's time to check performance.  We all love our comfort zones.  We do our jobs daily and nothing more.  We're comfortable with that, because it gives a sense of security.  But how many of us would love to get raises on a regular basis?  Maybe a little recognition for performing our daily tasks?  Of course we would.  But have we earned it?

Concentrating on your performance will cause you to stand out more than other employees.  Another way of putting this is... step your game up.  Find a way to make your performance better everyday.  Make a game out of it.  See how much you can do in one day, then try to beat it the next day.  What? Doesn't sound fun?  Nothing's fun when you don't like what you do.  That's why it's extremely important to find what you love and do it!  If you love what you do, you'll have no problem performing this.

Another wonderful adjustment we all can make is to take our focus off money.  That's right! Don't think about money when you're performing a job for someone.  If you're worried about how much you're getting paid, chances are your creative levels are idle.  Your work represents you.  It tells your story to everyone who sees it.  Who cares what other employees or competition are saying.  More than likely they're not happy either.  Honestly, do you want to take advice from someone that's not happy in life?

It's funny when I think of how simple the advice for becoming happy is.  Find what you love, and do it.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



How many of us are effected by what is unknown to us?  What part does this unknown play in our everyday life?  Can you vividly imagine your life's end?  Can you feel the emotions triggered by future events?  Is it possible to reach into the future and change the very course of our lives?

By using our imagination we can create our future.  Most say it's impossible to know future events; that we're blindly drifting along the river of life.  I humbly disagree.  What if I were to tell you it's possible to tell future events by simply observing your current state.  Our thoughts trigger emotions, but not new emotions.  The emotions being displayed are from the very archives of your mind.  Everything you feel today comes from a stored emotion created by similar events in your past.

How does this help us determine our future?  While in a state of deep meditation, I was shown that everyone's past, present, and future are all around us.  The events responsible for our emotions have long passed, but the effects of them remain.  The remains are our memories.  With this being true it's not difficult to combined possible future events with the stored information that resinates our being.  I was shown this to explain my ability of being able to see the past, present, and future of others.

You can use this gift by looking into yourself.  It's called foresight.  Being able to accurately determine your behavior under certain circumstances will give you a good idea as to what your reaction would be if they were to come true.  Once you've established your reaction you'll be able to determine if its a favorable one.  If not, this would be the time to restructure your emotions associated with that particular thought or future event.  When this future event occurs your mind will revert back to the newly stored emotion rather than the unfavorable one.

If you can't see yourself living a successful life... more than likely you'll never achieve it.  Accurately use your imagination to see a bright future.  Then, begin to live into that future as though it were already true.

If you have any questions on this matter, I'd be happy to answer them.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Have you ever noticed times where you've had super human motivation, and other times you can't find the strength to climb out of bed?  It becomes a strange phenomena when we fail to identify it's root, called Stimuli.  Stimuli is the very element that stimulates your mind and springs you to action.

I, myself, have to work keeping my stimuli in mind.  I recently lost focus of my stimuli and motivation disappeared.  It took days, if not weeks, to re-establish the spark that triggers my creative imagination.  When investigating, I found nothing had changed around me, but my thoughts.  The power of my own thoughts caused a destructive cycle to occur.  For the last week I fought against this negative cycle with no avail, taking on a character that wasn't my own.  I couldn't take it anymore and remembered I needed to find that spark which causes the fames of motivation to explode.

I found my stimuli and immediately felt reborn.  It's strange how quickly our mind reverts to negative thoughts when not being monitored. Have you experienced something of this nature? Great! It's perfectly normal.  Now it's time to search for what springs you to action.

Here's a demonstration of what we're capable of and how to use it.  At work, when asked to do something more than is required by our job description, an undesirable feeling comes.  As a result, our work is undesirable in our employer's eyes and suddenly a raise is out of the question.  What if our parents ask us to accomplish the same task?  Would we give the same effort? No, of course not!  What changed?  Our thoughts!  Then feelings tag along and either caused anger for having to work harder, or, pleasure to help someone you love.

Can you imagine the possibilities of harnessing such power!  Wow, that gets me excited!  In the end, just remember friends, don't allow your current reality to choke out your dreams.  Fight against  those negative thoughts with positive ones and find your stimuli.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011



I thought I'd take the time to tell the story of when I first applied the Laws of Success in my life.  Hopefully, it'll give you a spark of inspiration to do something similar.

It was in July of 2009, when I first read the book "Think and Grow Rich".  I carefully went through each step provided throughout the chapters in the book.  I sat in a break room of the attorney's office I worked for and began to write out my life's plan.  The first thing I had to write was my definite chief aim.  To my dismay, I couldn't think of one thing to write down.  I puzzled over this question for two weeks before I finally came to terms with what I wanted.

The first mention of my desire I dismissed as being a foolish idea.  That desire was to become a respected movie director someday.  I told myself it wasn't possible and continued looking for other ideas.  Then, on the last day of the two weeks I asked myself, "why isn't it possible?"  To my surprise, I couldn't come up with an answer.  I had been asking myself the wrong question the whole time.

Once I made it my goal, I began with the next steps. Which were determining the exact date I planned on achieving my definite chief aim, and the exact steps I was going to take to obtain it.  These are the three most crucial steps to discover within yourself,  before you can begin down the road to fulfilling your dreams.  Think of building a house without a blue print.  How successful do you honestly think you'll be?

Soon after I answered these questions, I quit my job of 6 years working for a respected attorney.  The things that caused me to follow through with my plan where these thoughts; Create your own chaos and burn your bridges.  Creating your own chaos is grounded in the evidence of everyone throughout history.  Every time chaos presents itself we change significantly, but only by it's force.  Otherwise, we'd stay the same forever, stuck in our beloved comfort zone.

Burning your bridges comes after you've decided to act.  You set off for your adventure burning the bridge behind you.  Meaning there's no way to get back from where you came.  There's no possibility to stop and go back to what you've known, because you've destroyed that way in your mind.  It's eliminating the possibility of failure and the only way back home is by accomplishing your definite chief aim.

It doesn't hurt to have a friend that's willing to travel the journey with you.  My friend, strangely enough, thought it was a good idea to jump as well.  He's the one that pushed me off the cliff.  Thanks George!  It's also made possible by my girlfriend, whom has supported me thoroughly throughout my venture.  Thanks Kelly!

Now, my business partner and I get regular work doing what we love and have done over fifty videos together.  All of us can only get better if we apply persistence.  Anything you want to become can be achieved with constant effort toward it's direction.

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Monday, January 3, 2011




Today, I felt it necessary to speak about the person within us that gets very little to no attention.  What constitutes living true to ones self?  How do we know at the end of our lives we'll have fulfillment?  What could we do in our daily lives to feed the desires of our inner being?

We cannot become fully functioning in our lives without acquiring the knowledge of who we are.  Much needed information comes from truly knowing yourself.  What makes you feel deeply satisfied inside?  What are your passions?  What do you desire above all things in life?  What are your true fears?  What buried emotions from the distant past erode your present judgment?

These are questions we should be able to readily answer.  Yet they evade us.  Taking time to be alone with yourself and talking over these subjects can prove to be very beneficial.  How much time does it take?  It can be an hour or two a day.  In my own experience, I sat for 5 hours unwilling to move until I got the answers I was looking for.  I discovered many truths of myself and also of life.  After months of training my mind in this way not only did I have a clearer perspective of my life, but answers started to come quicker.  Any questions arising from my day-to-day life began to unfold before me on that very day.  Soon the answers came within the hour.

I can't express how desperately needed this is amongst our generation.  In my imagination, I see a parade of people walking together.  They seem to know happiness, because they have such laughter.  I then, realize they are a group of fools with no direction.  They have gathered into a great multitude, those that love to follow, but didn't have a leader.  Those who never understood their purpose, wandered aimlessly into the desert.  When they come to their senses they won't know their location or how to return from where they came.  Even if they knew their way back, time would not permit another lengthy journey.

Take time out of your day to get to know yourself better.  Trust me, you'll see the difference.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011



There's another realm that makes up who we are and that's the spirit.  We can eat healthy food and feed ourselves positive thoughts and still not be completely healthy.  The spirit man within us also requires food to stay healthy.  Spiritual food uplifts our spirit, and in turn our spirit produces happiness.

There are plenty resources to find Spiritual Food, the best being the Bible.  Words of Life will generate life within us and spring us to new heights.  It shows us what's possible and causes our hope for greater things to flourish.  It calls upon our faith which is so important in any endeavor in life.  Faith causes a man to dedicate his life to his work like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill, etc.  Men like these gave many years of their lives to create what would come to be known as their life's work.

Throughout the history of the United States, the leaders have been men of faith.  Faith in God causes the heart to seek peace with his fellow man.  It causes our perception of life to widen, allowing us to see a bigger picture.  It'll cause you to think of eternity, and thus deepening your pattern of thought.

We all display a type of faith on a daily basis when we work without being paid up front.  We have faith that our employer is able to satisfy his obligation.  We do this without questioning it.  Nine hours of your life dedicated to a person of business that promises to pay you at the end of the week, two weeks, or end of the month.  If we put the same faith into something greater we just might be motivated to chase after greater things.

Honestly ask yourself, am I where I thought I would be, in life at this age, when I was in high school?  Chances are life is a little different than what we imagined.  This can be identified and traced to the inner workings of faith in our mind.  We lived into the limited reality we felt was possible at the time we made our decisions.  Step back and take a look at everything you've learn from life.  Look through all of your experiences.  Now ask yourself, if I could go back would I do things the same way?  If you're like me the answer is No.  This is a good thing!  We now have the opportunity to change our lives right now to incorporate all of our findings into our decisions.

We can become that person we always thought we would be! Make the decision to make a change in your life.  There's no better time than now!

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