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Signature Xavier

Friday, May 13, 2011


There is plenty evidence that words alone cannot satisfy.  We may hear the words "I love you" uttered a thousand times, but without the affection to follow these words are hollow.  In like manner, when a promise isn't fulfilled the word "promise" is as empty as the persons intention to fulfill their obligation.  Everyday we read or see something new, but by the time our head hits the pillow that something has been long forgotten.

On our quest to obtain success there are many things we must learn and change about ourselves. Without change we will remain just an arms react away from our goals.  In deed, in order to obtain our ultimate goals in life we must have a plan of action.  First, decide what is your desired outcome. Then, begin to formulate a list of actions that can be taken to bring your desired outcome closer.  Of course, the starting point of action will be from your current state.  You can't say "I'm going to do this when I get the money."  That wouldn't work because your plan is dependent upon whether you get the money or not. Use your imagination to develop actions you can take with what you have now.

Words alone simply cannot satisfy.  Reading is vital to success.  That is, reading which involves educating yourself on obtaining your goal.  Here is the place where many miss the mark.  They believe once they've read a book they have the answers and are proud of themselves.  They never take the next step in transforming that knowledge into intelligent action.  I believe the reason for this is simply the fear of doing terrible the first time we try, and we relate embarrassment to these first attempts.  Once pain is associated to trying, our mind begins to devise reasoning for avoidance.

Like anything you set out to become great at, it takes time to build.  You must love the challenge this brings.  Love when you hit another dead end and must figure out how to get around it.  Love the moment you find yourself stuck and can't figure it out, because in this struggle you'll discover new ideas.  When testing your plan of action, it will become necessary to change it when you find that a particular way doesn't work. This is great! It's great because a new opportunity is presented to try a new idea.  Once you've made this a habit, you'll discover much about yourself and your abilities you didn't know you had.  Make this a habit and you'll grow far greater in proportion to those around you.

Make it a habit to learn something new in your field of endeavor everyday.  Then take that knowledge and put it into practice by adding it to your plan of action.  Challenge this new found knowledge to see if it holds up in real life.  There are many smart with knowledge, but the doer is the one who takes home the prize.

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