Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Saturday, March 8, 2014



The only true and permanent change can come from within. A change in the very foundation that holds your being in place. Everyone is built on a set of beliefs that define and outline everything about them. They may have subtle changes here and there, but not monumental enough to change their character. Why is it important to change your character you might ask? Isn't it more important to change your bad habits as most "self-help" literature expresses? Habits are only a microscopic part of who you are. Habits don't cause you to jump out of your seat to defend a belief you were raised with. It won't cause you to stride with something even if it threatens death. Habits can be changed very easily by someone devoted enough to desire something new in their lives. Even for most, this is an extreme challenge.

The change I'm talking about is at the very core of ones being. The basis upon which their thoughts are based. The trigger that causes an emotional reaction to seemingly come out of nowhere on a subject that would otherwise be considered minuscule. The attraction that causes you to couple with a particular strand of society. Deep within the essence of your person lies a belief system that defines you. It's something you can't escape by talking your way out of it. Nor by intellectualizing with it. Yet, it is powerful enough to cause you to jump in front of a bullet for someone you love. It'll draw you to completely un-sow every thread you've sown in the efforts for a better life.  Is it not worthy of just a fraction of your attention?

The first step to such a drastic change is to face the exact influence that molded you. Your upbringing. Face the undesirable truth that as a child under 7 years old you had no idea what life was about. Yet, you run your life based on the understanding of a child. How often do you upgrade your phone? With that phone, how often are you asked to update your operating system? Quite often if I'm not mistaken. Why? It's because technology changes so quickly and they've created new ways for the hardware of your phone to be used. What about your mind, your intelligence? Is there not new things discovered daily? Why then would we not update our belief system? Why would we allow it to be ran by beliefs which were based on a world that no longer exists? By a child that's no longer around? How can humanity as a whole have missed this? We have software our system runs daily to manage the most magnificent perplexing infrastructure... called the body. This software is our core beliefs, and this system is our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind has such a phenomenal intellect that it takes absolutely no thought on our part to heal the smallest cut. Yet, if left to the intelligence of our conscious mind (thought), would never heal. How could the beliefs of a child be left to run this system?

I find this astounding and puzzling at the same time. This knowledge has been known as early as the 50's in western science and for thousands of years by the indigenous  people of the ancient past. I believe it's time to do something about it.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012



Many are not privileged to hear their calling when it is at the door. It beckons when you least expect it.  It's taken me some time to formulate a new blog post.  The reason being, I've been transforming daily.  While in the process of being molded it is better not to speak. Many things are seen, but very little would be understood by those who do not share the same burden.

I've walked in the direction of my dreams for the past two years. Creating a sustainable income after jumping into the unknown abyss.  I staggered for a moment, but shortly after was transformed into a new creation.  Looking in the mirror, I do not recognize the person peering back at me. I stubbled for a moment only to gain clarity that the person standing before me is the person that only existed in my dreams.  Out of a cruel reality I was born. A reality that assured me I could not travel beyond the dawn.  Strangely enough, my family always pushed. Pushed for a better understanding of the world we occupy.

I found it difficult to write for many months, because the Tides Of Misfortune crashed upon my shore until I felt I had nothing left to give.  I've never known such  hurt.  A feeling of loneliness... not by the world or those who love me, but by my own consciousness.  I had reached a land I had never traveled before.  A place that disregarded my well being. That chewed up my every attempt. Until, I became fearless.  My skin began to thicken... My hands clinched until they were sealed... My mentality had been reborn.

Standing in silence I hear a whisper. "Success", it declares "is but beyond the horizon. The journey you travel shall create a fearless leader.  A leader that will take many along the same path." Silence is again present. I am left alone only with a seed that has been cultivated into a state of mind.  A state of mind I have adopted as my own... and I shall not be moved from the root that has spawned me. Though the tides did crash down upon me, they only made me stronger.  They set their intent to disarm me, but they  have equip me with something far greater than this world could imagine.

Desire, faith, hope, love, and the courage to fulfill them all!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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