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Signature Xavier

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Being at peace within ones self is vital to happiness, but how do we obtain it?  We have heard many methods the world over, and yet many are still without it.  Peace starts within you.  It's when our mind, body, and spirit are in agreement with one another.  Again, how does one approach this?

The phrase "Peace of Mind" clearly states the where and what, but not the how.  First you must purify your conscience.  The thoughts that develop your character must be examined.  Any such thoughts that include anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, or any other wrong doing, immediately goes to work in constructing your view of the world.  Most importantly that of other people.  Even without knowing someone we experience and feel dishonestly in a person.

The reason being that every thought you have is present with you everywhere you go.  Thoughts are things.  Therefore, if scheming thoughts frequent the mind, they can be felt by the receiver through the charged frequencies that are released from one mind and passed over to all those occupying their company.  Thus, any lies a person has told in the past has carved a groove in their thought pattern called a habit.  All those who encounter this man, in business, will sense a dishonestly in him.  Not only will his prospects sense it, but his voice will carry the tones of dishonestly with every word he speaks.

All of the above stated emotions, categorized as harmful, will seep through every word you speak.  It will be seen in your eyes by everyone around, because these harmful habits have become the foundation of your character.  Peace of mind comes through having a clear conscience.  A clear conscience comes from being without blame.  It comes when one chooses not to wrong his brother or fellow man.  It comes from the act of honestly in ones dealings and the feeling of love for all.  How can we feel love for all? Forgiveness.

We are intellectual beings, designed with great capacity.  Our full potential is there to be explored, but needs an explorer.  All of the answers to a successful life start with the changing of yourself.  Your willingness to become a different person, a better person, is what makes accomplishing your dreams possible.  Start with yourself and start now.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Concentrate On Performance

The benefit of working in the field you love is that you work harder.  If you're stuck working a job you hate it can be very difficult to connect desire to the task at hand.  You'll cringe at your employer's request for any given task.

There are two ways of dealing with this.  Either, you decide to begin working in a field that defines you, or learn to love what you do.  It's not everyone's ambition to create an empire of their own.  That's okay.  The first obstacle to over come is your conversation.  We love expressing hate for our jobs and this ultimately creates the resentment we feel.  Find things about it that you love.  Like, why you started working there in the first place. (Money is the motivating factor for most of us... not so motivating when you're stuck exchanging your life for a little money.)

After you've got on board and love what you do it's time to check performance.  We all love our comfort zones.  We do our jobs daily and nothing more.  We're comfortable with that, because it gives a sense of security.  But how many of us would love to get raises on a regular basis?  Maybe a little recognition for performing our daily tasks?  Of course we would.  But have we earned it?

Concentrating on your performance will cause you to stand out more than other employees.  Another way of putting this is... step your game up.  Find a way to make your performance better everyday.  Make a game out of it.  See how much you can do in one day, then try to beat it the next day.  What? Doesn't sound fun?  Nothing's fun when you don't like what you do.  That's why it's extremely important to find what you love and do it!  If you love what you do, you'll have no problem performing this.

Another wonderful adjustment we all can make is to take our focus off money.  That's right! Don't think about money when you're performing a job for someone.  If you're worried about how much you're getting paid, chances are your creative levels are idle.  Your work represents you.  It tells your story to everyone who sees it.  Who cares what other employees or competition are saying.  More than likely they're not happy either.  Honestly, do you want to take advice from someone that's not happy in life?

It's funny when I think of how simple the advice for becoming happy is.  Find what you love, and do it.

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