Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Sunday, August 5, 2012



Many are not privileged to hear their calling when it is at the door. It beckons when you least expect it.  It's taken me some time to formulate a new blog post.  The reason being, I've been transforming daily.  While in the process of being molded it is better not to speak. Many things are seen, but very little would be understood by those who do not share the same burden.

I've walked in the direction of my dreams for the past two years. Creating a sustainable income after jumping into the unknown abyss.  I staggered for a moment, but shortly after was transformed into a new creation.  Looking in the mirror, I do not recognize the person peering back at me. I stubbled for a moment only to gain clarity that the person standing before me is the person that only existed in my dreams.  Out of a cruel reality I was born. A reality that assured me I could not travel beyond the dawn.  Strangely enough, my family always pushed. Pushed for a better understanding of the world we occupy.

I found it difficult to write for many months, because the Tides Of Misfortune crashed upon my shore until I felt I had nothing left to give.  I've never known such  hurt.  A feeling of loneliness... not by the world or those who love me, but by my own consciousness.  I had reached a land I had never traveled before.  A place that disregarded my well being. That chewed up my every attempt. Until, I became fearless.  My skin began to thicken... My hands clinched until they were sealed... My mentality had been reborn.

Standing in silence I hear a whisper. "Success", it declares "is but beyond the horizon. The journey you travel shall create a fearless leader.  A leader that will take many along the same path." Silence is again present. I am left alone only with a seed that has been cultivated into a state of mind.  A state of mind I have adopted as my own... and I shall not be moved from the root that has spawned me. Though the tides did crash down upon me, they only made me stronger.  They set their intent to disarm me, but they  have equip me with something far greater than this world could imagine.

Desire, faith, hope, love, and the courage to fulfill them all!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


We are all creatures of habit, good or bad, and they set the daily path in which we walk.  A habit is something we take part in more than once in like manner.  We feel satisfied with the routine and thus its molded into our subconscious.  The problem comes for those of us that have never tasted great success, nor have had the privilege of an outside influence.  Perhaps, from someone in a position we desire to rise to ourselves.

Throughout our lives we develop daily routines that fit our comfort level.  Depending on our surroundings, we then begin to adapt and conform to a social group that fits closes with our views on life.  Their perspective is considered.  Then reason, by way of which causes the strongest emotional response in us, bends both perspectives together forming a new world view.  This new view is then etched into our subconscious as a sense of belonging travels through our nervous system, bringing pleasure and satisfaction to our body.  This feeling is interpreted as being right.

It is at this point, the direction of our lives is set and the wet concrete containing our life's blueprint dries into permanency ... most will never deviate from this course.  This must be understood before one can come to the conclusion that interchange is a must for success to occur.  This realization can stimulate the mind to desire change, causing us to open ourselves to the task.

Habits of the successful are formulated through constant effort, just as our habits are formed.  The successful perform actions that lead to success, while our habits are lead by personal comfort (a life without struggle).  The successful are constantly learning and doing in order to sustain success.  We talk about success amongst our peers as though its within our grasp, but continue to do only enough to barely survive.  I've often heard many state their lack of interest for reading or learning.  They just do their job and that's enough, but in the same conversation say "but who knows, maybe one day my life will change and I'll become successful."  How could it change if you're unwilling to perform the proper actions that create change?  How can opportunities open themselves to someone who has decidedly kept their mind closed?

Yes, it is necessary to change who you are as a person.  That includes your views on social preference, religion, politics, society as a whole, and your very personal world views.  You must stop doing what makes you comfortable and jump into the unknown where your future is undetermined.  Sure its scary to live a life where you are constantly uncertain of what will come next.  Sure its unsettling to be unaware of the consequences of your next step and how it'll alter your life... but what lies on the other side of that fear is your success.

I'm not comforted by knowing the ending of my story.  It doesn't bring me peace to think of a stable and secure life... leaving in the shadows the dreams I once knew.  My comfort lies in knowing I'm living on purpose.  My peace comes from knowing I have the ability to conquer the obstacles that stand before me like the high walls of a king.  I have changed continually throughout my journey and no doubt will continue to change based off new found and sound knowledge.  I'm not afraid of change... I welcome it.  Every turn, left or right, has provided the opportunity for me to prove myself worthy and has deepened my desire and determination to succeed.

What you do with your life is completely in your hands.  Although, I urge you to seek change, I've simply shared what I've learned in life as it has shared its knowledge with me.

Thank you for reading.

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Monday, January 30, 2012


A very key element to consider when striving to bring your dreams into reality is the tides of misfortune that await you.

I am referring to the experience we all go through that feels like the world is coming against us while trying to become successful.  Where every bad circumstance possible arises at once and makes it nearly impossible to get where you want.  Financial roadblocks occur and unnecessary expenses just seem to keep piling up. It's at this point many find it in their best interest to give up.

If you've experienced this you're not alone.  All great men written in the pages of history have encountered this tide, but don't worry there is an explanation.  There is a position reserved for great leaders.  Leaders with characteristics that influence the multitudes in positive ways.  Ones that are just in there decision making, fair with their fellow man, and walk a path of honesty.  Truly, success and leadership cannot be divided.  If you achieve success you'll become inspiration for those that know you. They'll  look into what makes you successful in hopes to find it themselves.

Therefore, the forces of nature round about us test all whom approach this vicinity.  In my own experience, it's as though the closer you get... the more problems arise against you.  I have taken all this into account while standing firm, staring at the tides that have hit me over and over.  I know my character must be tested. If I am to help change lives I myself must walk through the furnace to have my motives purified.  What keeps me standing is knowing that when this part of the test has passed, I will rightfully be able to take my place among those who've walked into the realm of greatness.

Of course, there is another path to success that many take.  Which is a dishonest route, but remember we're not looking for only material success.  We're looking for success in the transformation of our minds and a life filled with joy and happiness with our loved ones.  Once we've passed through the hardest part of the test we'll stand with more than just success.   We will have knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that is gained only by experiencing such a journey.  Circumstances can strip us of all our material wealth, but they will never be able to strip us of what we've become.  I look at it in this way: The more intense the test becomes, the closer I'm getting to success.

There will be a time when the tide subsides to a small wave.  At this moment, charge forward with everything you've got sparing nothing.  Show the world you are worthy of such a great position.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to post comments of your own experiences.

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