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Signature Xavier

Monday, January 30, 2012


A very key element to consider when striving to bring your dreams into reality is the tides of misfortune that await you.

I am referring to the experience we all go through that feels like the world is coming against us while trying to become successful.  Where every bad circumstance possible arises at once and makes it nearly impossible to get where you want.  Financial roadblocks occur and unnecessary expenses just seem to keep piling up. It's at this point many find it in their best interest to give up.

If you've experienced this you're not alone.  All great men written in the pages of history have encountered this tide, but don't worry there is an explanation.  There is a position reserved for great leaders.  Leaders with characteristics that influence the multitudes in positive ways.  Ones that are just in there decision making, fair with their fellow man, and walk a path of honesty.  Truly, success and leadership cannot be divided.  If you achieve success you'll become inspiration for those that know you. They'll  look into what makes you successful in hopes to find it themselves.

Therefore, the forces of nature round about us test all whom approach this vicinity.  In my own experience, it's as though the closer you get... the more problems arise against you.  I have taken all this into account while standing firm, staring at the tides that have hit me over and over.  I know my character must be tested. If I am to help change lives I myself must walk through the furnace to have my motives purified.  What keeps me standing is knowing that when this part of the test has passed, I will rightfully be able to take my place among those who've walked into the realm of greatness.

Of course, there is another path to success that many take.  Which is a dishonest route, but remember we're not looking for only material success.  We're looking for success in the transformation of our minds and a life filled with joy and happiness with our loved ones.  Once we've passed through the hardest part of the test we'll stand with more than just success.   We will have knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that is gained only by experiencing such a journey.  Circumstances can strip us of all our material wealth, but they will never be able to strip us of what we've become.  I look at it in this way: The more intense the test becomes, the closer I'm getting to success.

There will be a time when the tide subsides to a small wave.  At this moment, charge forward with everything you've got sparing nothing.  Show the world you are worthy of such a great position.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to post comments of your own experiences.

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