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Friday, September 16, 2011



Today I'd like to speak in retrospect of my journey thus far. I think you may find it interesting to know it wasn't so long ago I was a completely different person. In that, I was very negative towards life. I often thought it was unfair I wasn't given an option of whether I wanted to be born or not. I thought to myself "if I was given an option I would have chosen to never have been born." A terrible thought, don't you agree?

It was a fascinating discovery to learn that I could control my thoughts and feelings to a degree of completely transforming myself. If you're a person that has known me since then I'm sure you'll agree I'm not the same person at all. I'm often asked "what caused the change or what triggered the thought that you needed to change?" That of course, isn't that easy to answer. It was many things in my life that built up over the years and led to a certain point where I decided change was necessary. It is only fare to note I've always felt a calling over my life which helped in that moment I realized I wasn't anywhere close to fulfilling it.

Every event in my life leading up to this changing point played a very big part in my transformation. However, at the moment I was going through it I felt like a complete failure. It was through the course of educating myself with different philosophies that I picked up the habit of learning from defeat. Once this was apart of my thinking every experience was an education that propelled me high above prior thinking.

On July 14, 2003, I began working for an Attorney by the name of Charles H. Soley. Who now is a very dear friend of mine and I often have dinner with him and his lovely wife and son. I was very young minded. Although, I didn't think so at the time. I went through many challenges working at his office. Often times I just wanted to walk out and never come back. It got easier through the years, but not until I started to change my attitude towards life. At first, I hated every day of work. Then, I began to appreciate it. My biggest lesson after six and a half years of working there was... every situation I went through was specifically shaping me to endure what was waiting ahead for me.

I left that job on great terms and equipped with much experience to pursue my goals. Even now I educate myself daily. Not just with reading, but also by revisiting every experience throughout the day and categorizing them in terms of usefulness. If I had a bad experience I sit back and analyze it, strip the negative from it, and find its lesson. This creates a keen sense for the positive in everything. The benefit... I'm not left feeling angry or sad. Instead, I transform that negative energy into a usable fuel that energizes my body and excellerates me into a higher state of mind. I no longer look at only my life... I look at humanity as a whole and make decisions based from this plateau. Keeping your mind focused on how miniscule we are in the scheme of greater things is difficult, but very rewarding.

I always try to practice the Golden Rule which is: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, if your positions were reversed.' Being kind and at peace always with everyone is an essential key to success not only in business, but also in life.

Subsequently, life is beginning to turn in my favor for those things I've sought after. Its been two years since I've went whole heartedly after my dreams. I've learned a lot, I've grown a lot, and this is only the beginning. I will never stop, I will never rest, until I pull my dreams into this reality, until I hold my dreams in physical form within these hands.

You can do the same by working at it everyday. Never let anyone discourage you from your path. Work on yourself everyday and know that any tiny progress is still progress no matter what the world around you says.

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