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Friday, December 31, 2010



The past week has kept me thoroughly occupied leaving me unable to write.  Although, I've lost a week I have no intentions on stopping.

This week I'm going to be practicing Sound Physical Health.  This, I find, is a very important subject to pay attention to for the purpose of our body's being closely tied to our motivation.  If our body's feel sluggish from unhealthy food, we feel motivated to relax or even sleep, when food is suppose to make our bodies feel energized and motivate us to do more.  Unhealthy food not only effects the body, but also our brain.  When our brain doesn't feel like working, you can be sure you're not going to do much.

How do we change this?
There are certain foods for the brain, such as berries, that promote sharper thinking.  Such vegetables as carrots and celery are made up of a high percentage of water.  Eating them for lunch gives a high boost of energy.  Instead of eating a bag of potato chips, eat a small bag of carrots, you'll feel a huge difference.

Eating healthy is only one part of obtaining Sound Physical Health.  While eating healthy will give your body the boost it needs to complete the tasks at hand, you also need to feed your mind healthy thoughts.  Such thoughts create positive emotions like happiness, love, humbleness, reverence, etc.  Unhealthy thoughts create negative emotions such as anger, hatred, envy, coveting, revenge, rioting, depression, etc.

Yes, we can control what we think and feel about any given situation.  Regardless of the circumstances around you, you have the power to decide how you will respond.  We've been programmed by society to respond to situations in an unprofitable manner in order to save face. Unless, we break the mold we'll continue to have the same result as those before us.  Consider the definition of Insanity, "Doing the same thing expecting a different result."  I hear complaints all the time concerning the results one receives from their actions by others, and all I can say is what do you expect.

So there it is, Healthy Food and Healthy Thoughts.  Lets see how this week turns out.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 7

My Journey


Time to recap over the past week.  I'm almost finished reading "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude."  Its a very good book.  I recommend it for everyone.  It has helped me to come along way and empowers me to approach everyday with a positive attitude.  Material Prosperity has been the principle in focus.  I've dealt with myself by installing positive messages into my subconscious.  When the time comes I trust they will return to me.

The imagination is the most powerful tool we have as humans.  It has created space travel, air crafts, modern technology, etc.  At one point, someone had to think it was possible to create these things.  The Wright Brothers were the first to invent and fly a powered and piloted airplane.  Henry Ford was an industrial genius! Take the time to read his story and you'll be well motivated.  Napoleon Hill was another great man that created the Success Philosophy, saying that a common man could become successful by adopting the habits of the successful. Ralph Waldo Emerson was another man of great influence in his day.  I particularly like his essay on Compensation.  You can find it online by searching "Emerson's essay on Compensation."

By investigating the great men of the past, I believe you'll quickly begin to see that something changed.  In our generations the determination to change the world hardly exists, but we can change that!  I've come to realize by my gaining Material Prosperity others will gain it as well.  When you read of the wealthy innovators you'll realize they had a specialized team to help them achieve their success.

In a previous post I spoke of our generation not helping each other and instead opposing one another.  Sure we all want to make it, and we can as long as we work together.  Team effort is what made it possible for The Wright Brothers' plan to fly.  Team effort designed and built Henry Fords pioneering Model T automobile.  Cooperative team effort gave Napoleon Hill the opportunity to interview many successful leaders of his time leading the development of the Success Philosophy.

What will be our legacy?  Will we sit back and do nothing when their is greatness to be had?  When anyone of us could have an idea locked away in your minds that could change the face of technology.  An idea that could revolutionize an industry is asleep right now somewhere in your mind.  Will you have the courage to spend your life looking for it to better humanity?

I am... now who's with me!?

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 6

My Journey


The more we learn, the more effective we can become.  Taking time to read inspirational or learning books can drastically change your life.  I think of it as inserting the brilliant minds of others into my own.  How much more effective can you be having different perspectives added to your own?  An ever growing problem amongst humanity is a closed mind.  When we're unwilling to view life from another persons shoes.  It's the cause of many disputes and broken relationships.

How do I establish an open mind? - The first step to developing an open mind is to widen your knowledge.  The more you learn different philosophies, cultures, and religions, your mind will open to different possibilities.  Become familiar with different views on life.  Everyone has their own story, so how could we ever think there's only one way of doing something.  A closed mind is one that absolutely refuses to believe any way is possible other than their own.

In business and life you'll always deal with people.  A close minded attitude will quickly turn your potential customers or even friends away.  Become interested in others and what makes them tick.  Ask a lot of questions and listen, not only to their answers, but also to how they answer.  There's always an opportunity to learn something when engaging in conversion.  It may shake loose an idea you've been looking for just from conversing with others.

Something I do is identify thought patterns.  Once I've picked it up, I could look at life through their eyes.  If they're brilliant thinkers, I'll see the route they take to generate these ideas and apply it to my own thinking.  A thought pattern is, in essence, the way a person thinks.  A lot of factors come together to make up a thought pattern including; Self-confidence, Self-image, religion, belief in possibilities, past experiences, education, upbringing, etc. 

Without developing an opened mind you'll find it hard to grow in business and will miss many opportunities in life.

Here's a couple of very good reads.  Think & Grow Rich, Master Key's to Riches, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,  and Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Great inspiration can always be found in the scriptures of the Bible as well.

Hopefully, you were able to see the importance of expanding your knowledge of life.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 5

As the days go by my focus becomes sharpened.  My awareness broadens and my sight becomes more clear.  I realize this blog has transformed into something other than what it started off to be.  However, I'm enjoying what it's doing to me.  I feel changed simply from sharing with you what I've stored inside for so long.  When things are not expressed they tend to be forgotten.

Material Prosperity belongs to those whom are willing to work for it's obtainment.  There is nothing for free, especial not Material Prosperity.  I've long abandoned the idea of getting rich quickly, as so should you.  All good things are worth working for and you only gain prosperity from the wisdom you build along the way.  Knowledge and experience are extremely important to obtain.  I don't believe in waiting for the opportunity to present itself to begin learning or gaining experience.  If there's no opportunity, I create it.

For me to transform my mind from doubt and fear of failure to unstoppable confidence and surreal determination, it took a process.  I had to practice focusing my mind on my life's work, while controlling my emotions.  Controlling emotions can be a difficult task.  It includes eliminating anger, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, cynicism, and any other destructive emotions that generate negative energy.  Our thoughts control our actions and influence the actions of those around you.  Take the time to listen to your friends and see if they speak in a negative manner towards the world.  If they're negative and you surround yourself with them, it's because you're negative as well.  Remember "Like Attracts Like."

I can't stress enough the importance of your thoughts.  I talk to people all the time who always say things like "I wish I could do this" or "Maybe someday I'll start to chase my dreams" or even "success isn't guaranteed."  No doubt these statements are being said from their heart.  A heart attached to a mind with no faith.  Allow me to clarify, whether its going to rain a week from now or be sunny, that is not guaranteed.  If I workout everyday and eat healthy, it is guaranteed I'll become in shape and healthy.  Those are two very different scenarios that show the separation between controllable and uncontrollable situations.  If I wake up every morning at 7am and work 12 hours at playing football, you can expect to see significant changes in my performance within one month.  Much less 10 years!  This concept can be applied to your goals no matter what they are.  If you spend your life doing something you love, it is inevitable that you'll become great at it.

Set a high enough goal in your life and make it your purpose for waking up every morning.  Dedicate your life to becoming the best at what you love, while making sure to not violate the rights of others, and no one will be able to stop you.  Nor, will anyone want to stop you.

I leave you with this one last thought.  When the 10 year mark passed for being out of high school, I looked back to reflect on life.  I realized that 10 years went by without my permission.  Time didn't care if I was ready for it to pass, it wasn't willing to wait for me.  A thought hit me like a bolt of lighting.   I was 10 years into the future looking back at my life again (20 years later), and I was in the same position.  I ask myself, "Am I willing to let another 10 years pass before I do something?"  Then, I suddenly realized that I was standing in the beginning of the next 10 years.  "Right now is the time for me to act!" I told myself, and I haven't stopped since.  In high school, I thought I was going to be successful in the future.  When the future caught up with me, I knew I had to change my approach.  Without a definite road map of how you intend to achieve success... you won't find it.

If we are ever to live in the abundant life God promised for his children, we need to do something now.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 4

What more could one ask than to have all the desires of his heart fulfilled?  How awesome would that be?  How would it feel right now, if you already had everything you hoped for?  What would be different about your character?  Would it have an influence on the way you talk, carry yourself,  or dress.  Would it change the selection of people you keep in your company?

These are all questions we should know the answers to.  The fact that we don't, only shows how little faith we have in ever obtaining our dreams.  It's very important to take the time to meditate.  It's crucial to have a clear image of what you want to accomplish, before tackling the day.

Here's something I do:

     - Remind myself of my purpose and of my life's work before I go to bed.
     - When I wake up I remind myself "I'm a great director! Now act like one!"
     - I place before my imagination the results I'm aiming for.
     - I add passion and desire to this image.
     - I break my goals into smaller tasks, then devise them into hours of the day in my calendar.
     - Lastly, I perform my tasks with enthusiasm and great determination.

Even if I don't finish all of the tasks, I know I've made tomorrow that much better.  Every single thing I do today will be reflected in my life tomorrow.  Whatever tools I believe I'll need, I begin to develop them now.  When I wake up tomorrow, I'll be better equipped and smarter that I was today.  This is the law I live by.  There's no time for failure, nor is there time to reminisce on past events.  We don't have to be a product of our past, we can change everything about ourselves.  That's the beauty of our design.

Once I learned of the power of the subconscious mind, I immediately began to apply it to my life.  Our subconscious mind controls all functions in our body we're not consciously aware of.  Take for instance our heart beat, the task of blinking, or breathing.  These are all things our body automatically does to keep us alive, without ever having to think of doing them.

There's another function of the subconscious, which stores information from dramatic experiences in our lives.  By the age of twelve, you already experienced every feeling there is to feel.  These feelings are cataloged in your subconscious for future reference.  As an adult, when you're faced with similar situations, your subconscious mind flashes a bolt of lighting telling your conscious mind how to react.  If you had a bad experience as a child, like drowning, your subconscious has stored fear in its memory.  When you see a large body of water, you become fearful that you might drown.  Even as an adult!  At that moment of fear as a child, your conscious mind sent a large surge of energy to your subconscious warning it of danger.  It's your subconscious mind's duty to protect you from harm.  So when it feels you're in danger, it'll send emotions and thoughts to your conscious mind that will discourage you from continuing in activities it remembers causes harm.

This is an awesome power we have.  That means we can reprogram our subconscious mind to send positive signals to continue forward, rather than harmful thoughts that cause us to become discouraged.  How do we do this?  We now know the process and relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, so now we can direct it ourselves.  It takes a large amount of energy to send an effective signal to the subconscious before it'll make reference of it.  How do we send a signal?  By recreating that energy with thought and emotion.  Just think of it, create a powerful sense of urgency while keeping the picture of what you want fixated in your imagination and your conscious mind will etch that image into your subconscious.

Stay positive and remember you can accomplish anything you believe you can accomplish.  Know what you want and focus on bringing it into reality.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 3

Can we stretch the fabrics of our imagination, to the point of creating our own reality?  Many believe that their life is already determined and they are simply living the life they were destined to live.  Sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with me.  Here’s why.  I believe we are extraordinary.  We were designed, by our Creator, a fascinating creature with the ability to create anything we desire.  He handed us all things to see what we would do with it.

Are we just in our dealings?  Are we willing to lie or tell the true only when it benefits us?  How about if the truth causes you not to benefit, but make you wrong? Are you still willing to stand by it?  We have been given insurmountable power… the mind.  Haven’t you ever noticed, what you think will happen, usually does? Or felt the day was going to be terrible and it turned out terrible?  That wasn’t due to your surroundings, you caused it.  Your thoughts are a force in themselves, which are empowered by the soul and carried out through your body.  Others feel your thoughts.  That’s right, they feel your thoughts, and immediately adopt your thought pattern.  Thus, they began to return the feeling and treat you unpleasantly.

If you’d like to change the way people treat you, change the way you think.  I know this is a hard concept to grasp, mainly because it places you at fault, but it is the most important thing you’ll ever accomplish.  This one thing will open the gates of opportunity in a way you never thought possible.  The Apostle Paul said to be renewed by the transforming of the mind. To transform your mind… just think of it!

What we do right now determines our tomorrow.

It’s always right now.  It’s never tomorrow or later.  It’s always now.  This is something I picked up from my early days of meditation.  I received it in the depths of the heavenly valley’s I once walked.  There, in the beauty of creation I found jewels more precious than gold.  These jewels enriched my life and propelled me to a higher thinking, a perspective that overlooked all things, instead of just my own life.  In these moments, time stood still. There was no sense of anything but purity. There was no guilt to be felt, for wrongdoing did not exist. Responsibility of this world was nowhere to be found and I was left free of care. 
I hear people misuse the phrase “I don’t care what other people think” all the time.  This phrase was not intended for justification of foolish acts. It was intended to elevate you to greater opportunity.  When chasing your dreams, it is well to say I don’t care what others think, when they’re filled with discouraging words. Not for a distasteful display of a lack of morale.

The beginning of change starts with us.  If you don’t like your reality… ask yourself, “What am I going to do about it!”

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Material Prosperity - Day 2

As the days pass by, I realize my focus needs the help of a solid faith to latch onto, to continue living as my future self.  To attract to myself the forces I wish to use, I must first completely eliminate hatred, envy, jealously, and cynicism.  It takes quite an imagination.  It's having to live as though these things don't exist.

The world around me must have very little to no influence on me.  I must allow the world as we all know it to fade away, leaving only the possibility of traveling in one direction, toward my life's work.  If any of us are to succeed beyond our wildest dreams, we have to get started on our life's work right away.  A life's work is classified as the one thing you do better than anyone else, because you love what you do.  Loving what you do allows passion to be injected into your work.  Your work is more enriched, because it's full of passion.

We all have that one thing we'd love to do more than anything in the world.  However, we've allowed, what we call, harsh reality to kill our dreams.  We look for security instead of risk.  Security will only assure you that whatever you have at this point is secured in for the rest of your life.  That's unacceptable for me.  Others may be happy with that life, but I can't... I will not be.  I will not allow myself to give into the worlds way of thinking.  I must become successful, or I won't have the influence on the next generation as I intend to.

For me, it's different.  Financial wealth is one thing, but having the abundant wealth of joy and happiness is another.  Having a peaceful life with my family means more to me than anything in the world.  I want to experience life with my family in ways I can't right now, because of financial limitation.  I won't stand for this, because there's no such thing as limitation!

Here's how I intend to make it.  I'm going to continue to give more in my work than I'm paid for. I'm going to have my definite chief aim present in my mind at all times. I'm going to further my mastermind that's been started and working well.  I'm going to exercise applied faith and creative vision.  I'm going to continue the habit of learning from defeat, while having self-discipline, concentration of endeavor, gaining cooperation, being enthusiastic, use of accurate thought, practice sound physical health, accurately budget my time and money, do unto others as I would have them do unto me, if our positions were reverse.

Don't ever listen to someone telling you, you can't do something.  If that voice is coming from your own circle of friends, find new ones.  Find friends that'll support you in everything you do.  Find friends that will believe in you and push you forward when you get weak.  Find others that have the same interests in succeeding and have the same belief's.  Most importantly, keep the company of successful people.  Observe their conversations and study what they believe is possible.  You'll find quickly, there's not much negativity.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 1

Today marks one week since I've started my journey.  I must say it's taken some getting use to.  But now I'll keep the phrase "I may not have money, but what I do have I freely give unto you" in my subconscious.

To recap on what steps I've taken for Gratitude:

    * I started this blog to give to others what I have graciously received by God and those who love me.
    * I'm using positive self-suggestion to neutralize ill thoughts. (A form of programming the subconscious)
    * Auto-suggestion comes to my aid by flashing positive statements in response to negative statements.
    (The subconscious returning the positive statement automatically)
    * I have dedicated my life to enriching the life of both my family and loved ones.

Now, it's time to practice the principle of Material Prosperity.  The steps I've taken so far have been to identify my goals, map out my plan of attack, and have begun taking action.  The key element in accomplishing this is, motivation.  I have to keep myself energized to continue forward, even when I don't feel like it.  It's true, I find myself many times in the day not wanting to follow through with my plans.  In these instances, I turn to internal triggers I designed specifically for this occasion.

Some of my mental triggers are:

      When I think I should do something, I tell myself "Do it now!"
      I use a method of Anchoring Emotions.
      I remind myself "What you're doing right now will determine your future!"
After using these methods, I can work an entire 12 hours with great enthusiasm and determination!  Just saying them once in the morning fuels me for the whole day.  Another great trigger I use is telling myself before I go to bed, that my success is waiting for me in the morning.  I talk to myself, explaining that its very important to wake up early, because the wealthy are already up making fortunes.  Give them a try and see the benefits throughout your day.

Material Prosperity is something we all need in some way.  I intend to accomplish this without deviating from my plan.  Which, is going to be a challenge.  This one is particularly important if I plan on helping people.  How much help can I be, if I allow material limitations to get in the way.  I can give inspiring words, but at some point I'm going to need to give more.

With Material Prosperity we can do more for those we love.  Just think of it, if you had the money right now, wouldn't you be willing to give it to loved ones in need.  Of course we would!  Instead, we have to watch helplessly as they suffer because of lack.  Doctor bills can't be paid with inspirational words, but they will cause you to take action to get the resources.  So you see, we still need to obtain Material Prosperity.

I have been working hard in my lab, devising my plan.  I've been sharpening my sword and getting ready for battle.  A battle to obtain success!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gratitude - Day 7

Is it a crime, in our society today, to believe in something?  Is it wrong, to speak of obtaining a successfully great future?  Then, why not speak of it more.

In my journey, I've attempted to trace the origin of our unwillingness to believe we can be greater (at least in our generation).  I believe it started when there was an attack on religion.  Once the possibilities of becoming a Higher Being have been shattered, there's no longer a foundation for hope.   Look at the world today.  From where I'm standing, I don't see anyone serious about God anymore.  Sure there's more churches on every corner than there ever where before, but we know they're operated as a business.

I feel it's very important to establish something you believe in.  It's what pushes us to strive for more.  No matter where I go, I can't find one group of friends, lovers, or any other group having a positive conversation.  Violence, hatred, anger, rioting, and selfishness feels the hearts of men.  I stood there today and wondered... what happen?  This catastrophic movement is everywhere.  From towns to cities, to states, to countries, everyone speaks negative.  As though, someone came along and stoled their light while they were sleeping.  In the morning, they woke up, and never realized their light had been taken.

Is it only me who sees this?  I have a burning desire to change this. It's a crazy notion, but have you ever felt something deep inside, telling you this is why you were born?  I can't help but be compelled to action.

Following my own words, I have to build up enough momentum to attract others to my cause.  My cause being to help my fellow man, instead of despise him.  To be the arm someone else is missing.  Could you imagine what it would feel like, if you were missing an arm and fell toward the direction of the missing arm?  Wouldn't you want the person next to you to catch you from falling??  I would, I do... I do want someone to catch me when I'm falling.  That's the purpose of brotherhood.  We have a bond with one another whether we acknowledge it or not.  That bond is created the moment we're born into this world.  Humanity is that bond.

We naturally feel overwhelmed by such a thought, because there's simply too many people to help.  However, we can give our aid to one another with kind words.  Words of encouragement travels deep into the heart of the receiver.  I'm sure at one time in our lives, we've been patted on the back by someone proud of us. It feels good doesn't it?  And, when someone tells you "great job", doesn't that life your spirits?  How about when someone tells you, your smart.  I'm sure that puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?   How much effort, do you think it would take you to tell someone something positive today?  That's right, not much.

We can be the reason for making some else's day, with a simple kind word.  Wow, that shows us how often we actually hear something positive.  It's a rare find.  Help me bring it back.

We are the captain's of our own fate.  We're steering the ship here.  So, lets choose a direction and sail toward it.

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Gratitude - Day 6

Negative words will always demand a negative audience.

Can you recall a time, when you've heard a person speak so ignorantly?  Do you remember the feeling you received, when hearing the foolishness pour from their mouth?  That's how positive people feel around negative people.  The problem with this is that you're actually repelling the very people with the qualities you wish to attract, successful qualities!

Let's examine ourselves!

    Do you ever speak about things in a negative way?
    Have you ever argued with people, because they don't see things your way?
    Do you use the word "hate" in a lot of sentences?

This is a very short list of indications that you're fostering a negative mental attitude.

We're comprised of massive energy.  We're made up of three different elements, the mind, body, and soul.  It's kind of strange, that we've memorized this phrase out of order.  It should be stated the soul, mind, and body.  There's a good reason for this.  Our Soul is raw power/energy.  We've only been taught, that emotions come from the soul and that's it.  Unless of course, you've done your own extensive research.  However, the soul is far more than emotions.  The Soul is the life in us.  It's the divine power that causes the rest of our organisms to work.  Just think of it, what is death?  Why, when having the same organisms within the body, do we die?  Because, everything shuts down right?  Then, who told the organisms to work in the first place, that they've just decided to stop?

This raw power of the Soul is directed by the Mind.  The Mind is a uniquely structured vessel, designed for the specific use of the Soul.  The Body is the outwardly manifested deity of the heavenly host within.

The law of Attraction states "like attracts like."  Whatever vibe you're broadcasting, will attract others with the same vibe.  Our thoughts create the vibes.  The Mind is like a flashlight, you'll only see what you focus it on.  The Body is the vehicle that accomplishes the commands of the Mind, the desires of the Soul.

With this understanding being absent in our present day, it's no wonder that most wander aimlessly though life, without the slightest idea of where they're going.  Not only, do they not know where they're going, they haven't a clue where they'd like to go.  Such an awful feeling... to be lost.  Especially, when everyone around you is lost as well.

Could you imagine, waking up one day, close to the end of your life.  You'll sit there, glancing back onto the dark road from whence ye came, puzzled in astonishment at where your friend "time" has gone.  You see, we always use the excuse "we have time." Oh, but foolish one, time has you.

This first occurred to me when I was young.  The elderly, would tell me the stories of their lives.  They would sadly express their regrets.  Then, they would turn to me, look me dead in the eyes, and say "Mijo, don't do what I did.  Don't waste your life.  Go to school.  Learn everything you can and cherish life."  This had a deeply profound impact on me, that did not reveal itself until I was older.  I became fearful of regret, afraid to make any mistakes that would ripple throughout my life.  When I got older, I learned to convert this fear into a great weapon in my arsenal of progress.

It caused me to turn to prayer.  I prayed, that my Heavenly Father would give me the wisdom to make it, regret-less, through life.  I prayed very, very hard, for days that turned into weeks, and weeks that turned into months. I spoke, to the Creator of Life, these words:

 "I know, when I ask for something, you'll put me through trials to test me, so I may learn, but if you test me, I'll fail.  I don't want to waste my life having to learn the hard way, only to finally see, at the end of my life, the very things you tried to show me, in my youth.  Lord, if you will but tell me, in a way that I could understand, then I will do it.  But, I must first understand.  You know me Lord, if I don't understand why something has to be one way, I'll try to prove there's another way.  I don't want to do that.  Only ending, with having to spend my life learning the hard way."

After that, as far back as I can remember, he gave me knowledge.  I suppose, I'd have to say wisdom as well, since He provided me the inclination to listen.

So then, even a negative attribute can be turned into a positive one. Never give up.  Never lose hope in yourself.  Do not let time fool you, you're alive, there's still time.  It's never to late to change the direction of your life.  Many people have done it, and became great leaders and obtained much wealth in the process.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gratitude - Day 5

The key element of adopting successful habits into your subconscious is, focused effort.  Regardless of the amount of knowledge one obtains, it will soon disappear into the shadows of the mind without the constant application of focused effort.

Focus can be compared to a Small Area.  Effort can be compared to Energy & Mass.  The use, or misuse of these tools play an enormous role on where we end up in life.

(My own equation)

                  The equation is:  Result = EM X AS

       EM = Energy & Mass
       AS = Area Size
       Result = Outcome of Life

       Energy is equivalent to momentum and power.
       Mass is equivalent to size or amount.
       Area Size is equivalent to the idea(s) in focus.

You see, it's a mathematical equation.  If you apply little Energy & Mass to a Small Area, you'll get some results, but not much.  If you apply a lot of Energy & Mass to a Large Area, you'll end up with a lot of wasted time and energy and no results.  This is the cause of many peoples frustrations.  Which leads them to abandoning all hope. 

However, if you apply a massive quantity of EM to a very small AS, your result will be great success.
You can see how this equation doesn't necessarily have to be applied to gaining wealth.  It can be applied to gaining anything you desire.

To gain momentum, you have to take the first step. No matter how extensive your planning is, or your studying, no matter the amount of knowledge you obtain, you will never gain ground without taking the first step.  The law of the universe is "something in motion, remains in motion."  You have to take the first step.

To gain power, is a little different.  Power is accumulated effort.  It's like momentum.  However, it requires numbers.  Which of course, means you have to gain the cooperation of others.  Just think of it! You have to be able to motivate others to apply the same equation to their lives! This is an awesome challenge!

As you can plainly see, without taking the first step in applying the equation to your own life, you'll never gain the power necessary to produce wealth.  That's why it's important to adopt the characteristic of taking action and helping others.

Area Size is as equally important as the others.  Without having one definite target to hit, you may only make a small dent in your lifelong goals.  Consider the effects of a large slug hammer against the surface of a log, you can pound on it for a long time and never split it in half.  Now, consider the sharp focus of an ax's  blade, pounding down on the same log.  You'll get the results you intended.

The key is to become the best at one thing.  That one thing, can be considered one's trade, and you can't become the best without constant growth.

In conclusion, know what you want, when you want it, and how you intend to get it.  Then, take the first step.  Take action in the direction of obtaining your goal.  Don't get discouraged when no one wants to take that step with you.  You'll have to first gain momentum on your own before other's will be attracted to follow and there's nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it's the same way the universe works.  After close observation, astrologers have discovered that larger stars attract smaller weaker stars, called clusters.  When joined together, the weaker star drains energy from the larger stronger star.  Sounds a lot like humans, doesn't it! 

The fact that we're made from the same materials found in stars, probably plays a factor in this behavior. Or, maybe not.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude - Day 4

There's something profound about meditating.  It allows all the cares of the world to blow away, like the dry autumn leaves that have separated from their roots for too long.  I remember, when I first wanted to learn about meditating a couple years back.  I was eager to know why the Creator would require meditation day and night from His people.  I felt weird about pursuing, because it's not somethings that's talked about.

But, I wanted to know.  I went to my favorite book store (Borders) and looked for books on the subject.  It was strange that day, because I almost felt led to the book store.  I got out of my car while asking myself, "what are you doing?"  I walked into the store and down the ails, straight to the right section.  At first glance, there was a book that stood out.  I opened it to the introduction section of the book, read a paragraph, then skimmed the table of contents (that's my process).  I quickly closed it and walked to the register.

At the time, I began researching mediation.  I felt there was no better place to start than the Bible.  I searched the entire Bible for every passage that mentioned meditation (I have a computer version of the Bible, so it didn't take a long time.)  I went over every passage and looked for a deeper meaning.  Then, I moved to other religions or, what I would call, different cultures.  I then realized, men have been searching for God since time began, and they did it in any way they thought would work.

The meditation I was interested in, was the kind that would allow me to center myself.  So, again I came back to the Bible and the book I bought.  What I found revolutionized my thinking.  I could never be the same, because I opened a door in my mind that allowed me to reach far beyond centering myself.

I figured I'd share that with you.  Since being able to cheerfully give yourself away to others isn't a natural habit.  It takes time, patience, and practice.

When you give, make sure you're sincere.  Make sure you want to give.  I'll go so far as to say, make sure you DESIRE to give to others with no expectancy of receiving in return.  Otherwise, where's the gratification?  It's funny.  We expect to be rewarded when we do good, but God said in response to that... you're suppose to do good.

He expects nothing less... so I must journey on,  Oh, how I must journey on.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gratitude - Day 3

As I look upon mankind I wonder... Do they ever question the foolishness in their hearts?  It is strange to me that we are divided by choice as much as the North is divided from the South.  Our beliefs as different as night is from day, standing amongst ruins that once was man's foundation.

We quarrel with one another, having no direction of our own.  A world of mad-men and chaos trampling on whatever is left.  One man unwilling to help his neighbor succeed, while the other despises his neighbor's wealth.

What is wrong with us? Can we not see that one cannot succeed without the other?  The world is fighting amongst it's own, destroying any chances of having a happy and peaceful life.  I say this, because I'm tired of watching men harden their hearts to one another.  Unwilling to help each other, they follow the foolish path labeled "Every man for himself."  What are we, animals?

Without opening your heart and helping someone to better themselves or succeed, you'll never find success. I think it's time for me to define success in the context of my use of the word.  Success to me is obtaining your ultimate goal in life, whether it be wealth, health, raising your children and providing them with the tools they'll need to happily live their lives, or business.  It is the achievement of your dreams.  Many of us no longer comprehend the meaning of dreaming.  Somewhere in our lives we lost faith and hope of ever realizing them. Though, it is easier to say "I'm happy with my life even though I have not fulfilled my dreams" is evidence in itself that your dreams were abandon long ago.

I have learned from my own experiences that trying to succeed without accepting the help of others is like running up hill in the mud.  I have also learned that the unwillingness to help others leaves you in the middle of a desert, with no one wanting to find you.

We must change ourselves if we are ever to succeed.  Our mind can be our biggest enemy and for most it has been, but there's still time and hope.  If you are willing.  Have you ever blamed others for being the cause of your wrong doings or failures?  When something goes wrong, do you have good reasons why it was someone else's fault? Our mind is so good at coming up with excuses, because we've been doing it all our lives.  We were trained by our environment and by the overall population how to find fault in others.  Not wanting to be wrong is one of the most popular traits amongst us. We want others to change to suit our needs and that is the most absurd thought that could ever cross the minds of men.

In order to change those around you, you must first change yourself.  Now, think about this for a while.  How you envision others behaving towards you, you must be the one to initiate the behavior.  Trust me at first it may be very difficult to find a fault within yourself, but it's there.  The key to changing your world is the transforming of your mind... simply put, changing the way you think.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Gratitude - Day 2

Today I've tried to look deeper into the meaning of showing gratitude. I think it's important to look at this issue in a broader sense.

If I look at it from thanking the individuals that have helped me throughout my life... this is good. 
If I look at it from thanking God for continually helping me in my life... this causes me to look at it in a whole different way.

Here's an example.  In order for me to mimic the way God helps, I must then act as an arm.  An arm of God who continually gives without prejudice, without condition, and what seems to me as sometimes undeserving.  Of course, such an act comes with developing the habit of giving.  When we hear the phrase "giving" we immediately think about material possessions, or simply put, money.  This I've learned is not the case at all. I can give so much more without ever opening my wallet.  I can give my talents, my encouraging words, my support, and the most effective... myself.

A scripture comes to mind that states "If thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day." (Isaiah 58:10)

      1.) Draw out my soul to the hungry.  Yes it's important to feed the body, but this is talking about the soul. The soul doesn't feed on earthly things.  So for me to "draw out my soul" to the hungry, I believe, is to give myself to those that need guidance.  To give council to those that search for it.  To give my time in helping them walk through the problem.

      2.) Satisfy the afflicted soul.  Again, this isn't referring to the physical body.  So, in order to satisfy an afflicted soul I'd first have to investigate the source of their affliction.  Then, begin to walk them out of the illusion, so to speak, until they've overcome it.

As you can see this is actually dedicating a portion of ones life to helping people.  This is turning out to be life changing for me.  Nonetheless, I have embarked on this journey and I intend to continue on it until I have fulfilled my task.

Just think of it... this is only the first principle in my list! 
I have a lot of work to do. So I'm going to get started.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gratitude - Day 1

Today was the first day applying the Gratitude Principle according to "The Rules" laid down in my previous post.

When  I focused all my attention on showing actions toward being thankful, it really opened up many opportunities.  I immediately began to realize how selfish I really am.  Putting yourself aside in order to bring happiness to another is very fulfilling.  I, of course, failed to realize this through most of my day, but at least now I'm beginning to have a firm grip on this concept.

What I did to fulfill the Gratitude Principle:

I have been reading an awesome book called "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude" and it states that if you really want to effect someone in a positive way, you can use the power of a letter.  That's right, writing a simple motivating letter can make a big difference in the lives of both the sender and the receiver.

As I wrote, I couldn't help but become emotional.  I immediately began to see the benefits of writing personal motivational letters.

Another awesome passage I read in this book, which is a perfect reminder, was "I may not have money, but what I do have I freely give unto you."  That passage actually came from the Bible!  It's a scripture that tells about the disciples.  Peter, while walking into the temple, came across a crippled who sat outside of the temple begging.  When the cripple asked Peter for money he turned to him and said "Money I have not, but that which I do have I freely give unto thee.  Get up and walk."  The man quickly stood up, took up his bed, and walked worshiping into the temple with Peter.

This is a great reminder that even though you don't have money, it doesn't mean you don't have anything to give.  If you're a loving person, give love to all in your reach.  If you're a giving person, give to all in your reach.  If you're not a emotional person, write a letter to someone you deeply care about and see the effects.

After writing that letter my eyes were open to how many opportunities are available to helping others.

There are so many that are within my grasp that I can reach out to... which I haven't lent the time to.  Here's some questions that arose thinking on this subject.  How is their life effected, because I didn't take the time to help them? How many people have I watched go into utter destruction, because I didn't say anything?  How many lives would be different if I would have spoken up?

Obviously, I can't change the past, nor do I intend on dwelling on it.  However, I can learn from it.  Hopefully, you can too.

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The Rules

This blog is my attempt to track my long journey to success as I apply The Law's of Success philosophy to my life.  I intend to inform you all of every step I take along the way.

The first step I'm taking is to apply Gratitude.  This is a weakness for me at the moment. I would like to develop the habit of being thankful and incorporate it into my character. I realize merely saying "thank you" to someone is not enough... I must take action.

I have written out 9 principles I'd like to develop as habits.  They are as follows:

1. Gratitude
2. Material Prosperity
3. Sound Physical Health
4. Peace of Mind
5. Hope
6. Applied Faith
7. Love
8. Romance
9. Over all wisdom.

I plan on using Benjamin Franklin's own method found in is Autobiography. I'm going to take this list and practice one principle a week while keeping track of times I failed. Once the week is over I'll allow that principle to be kept in my subconscious mind and practice the next principle on my list.  While exercising the previous principles as the opportunity arises.

This is only one of the lists I will be applying to my life... But I have to start somewhere.

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