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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gratitude - Day 6

Negative words will always demand a negative audience.

Can you recall a time, when you've heard a person speak so ignorantly?  Do you remember the feeling you received, when hearing the foolishness pour from their mouth?  That's how positive people feel around negative people.  The problem with this is that you're actually repelling the very people with the qualities you wish to attract, successful qualities!

Let's examine ourselves!

    Do you ever speak about things in a negative way?
    Have you ever argued with people, because they don't see things your way?
    Do you use the word "hate" in a lot of sentences?

This is a very short list of indications that you're fostering a negative mental attitude.

We're comprised of massive energy.  We're made up of three different elements, the mind, body, and soul.  It's kind of strange, that we've memorized this phrase out of order.  It should be stated the soul, mind, and body.  There's a good reason for this.  Our Soul is raw power/energy.  We've only been taught, that emotions come from the soul and that's it.  Unless of course, you've done your own extensive research.  However, the soul is far more than emotions.  The Soul is the life in us.  It's the divine power that causes the rest of our organisms to work.  Just think of it, what is death?  Why, when having the same organisms within the body, do we die?  Because, everything shuts down right?  Then, who told the organisms to work in the first place, that they've just decided to stop?

This raw power of the Soul is directed by the Mind.  The Mind is a uniquely structured vessel, designed for the specific use of the Soul.  The Body is the outwardly manifested deity of the heavenly host within.

The law of Attraction states "like attracts like."  Whatever vibe you're broadcasting, will attract others with the same vibe.  Our thoughts create the vibes.  The Mind is like a flashlight, you'll only see what you focus it on.  The Body is the vehicle that accomplishes the commands of the Mind, the desires of the Soul.

With this understanding being absent in our present day, it's no wonder that most wander aimlessly though life, without the slightest idea of where they're going.  Not only, do they not know where they're going, they haven't a clue where they'd like to go.  Such an awful feeling... to be lost.  Especially, when everyone around you is lost as well.

Could you imagine, waking up one day, close to the end of your life.  You'll sit there, glancing back onto the dark road from whence ye came, puzzled in astonishment at where your friend "time" has gone.  You see, we always use the excuse "we have time." Oh, but foolish one, time has you.

This first occurred to me when I was young.  The elderly, would tell me the stories of their lives.  They would sadly express their regrets.  Then, they would turn to me, look me dead in the eyes, and say "Mijo, don't do what I did.  Don't waste your life.  Go to school.  Learn everything you can and cherish life."  This had a deeply profound impact on me, that did not reveal itself until I was older.  I became fearful of regret, afraid to make any mistakes that would ripple throughout my life.  When I got older, I learned to convert this fear into a great weapon in my arsenal of progress.

It caused me to turn to prayer.  I prayed, that my Heavenly Father would give me the wisdom to make it, regret-less, through life.  I prayed very, very hard, for days that turned into weeks, and weeks that turned into months. I spoke, to the Creator of Life, these words:

 "I know, when I ask for something, you'll put me through trials to test me, so I may learn, but if you test me, I'll fail.  I don't want to waste my life having to learn the hard way, only to finally see, at the end of my life, the very things you tried to show me, in my youth.  Lord, if you will but tell me, in a way that I could understand, then I will do it.  But, I must first understand.  You know me Lord, if I don't understand why something has to be one way, I'll try to prove there's another way.  I don't want to do that.  Only ending, with having to spend my life learning the hard way."

After that, as far back as I can remember, he gave me knowledge.  I suppose, I'd have to say wisdom as well, since He provided me the inclination to listen.

So then, even a negative attribute can be turned into a positive one. Never give up.  Never lose hope in yourself.  Do not let time fool you, you're alive, there's still time.  It's never to late to change the direction of your life.  Many people have done it, and became great leaders and obtained much wealth in the process.


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