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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude - Day 4

There's something profound about meditating.  It allows all the cares of the world to blow away, like the dry autumn leaves that have separated from their roots for too long.  I remember, when I first wanted to learn about meditating a couple years back.  I was eager to know why the Creator would require meditation day and night from His people.  I felt weird about pursuing, because it's not somethings that's talked about.

But, I wanted to know.  I went to my favorite book store (Borders) and looked for books on the subject.  It was strange that day, because I almost felt led to the book store.  I got out of my car while asking myself, "what are you doing?"  I walked into the store and down the ails, straight to the right section.  At first glance, there was a book that stood out.  I opened it to the introduction section of the book, read a paragraph, then skimmed the table of contents (that's my process).  I quickly closed it and walked to the register.

At the time, I began researching mediation.  I felt there was no better place to start than the Bible.  I searched the entire Bible for every passage that mentioned meditation (I have a computer version of the Bible, so it didn't take a long time.)  I went over every passage and looked for a deeper meaning.  Then, I moved to other religions or, what I would call, different cultures.  I then realized, men have been searching for God since time began, and they did it in any way they thought would work.

The meditation I was interested in, was the kind that would allow me to center myself.  So, again I came back to the Bible and the book I bought.  What I found revolutionized my thinking.  I could never be the same, because I opened a door in my mind that allowed me to reach far beyond centering myself.

I figured I'd share that with you.  Since being able to cheerfully give yourself away to others isn't a natural habit.  It takes time, patience, and practice.

When you give, make sure you're sincere.  Make sure you want to give.  I'll go so far as to say, make sure you DESIRE to give to others with no expectancy of receiving in return.  Otherwise, where's the gratification?  It's funny.  We expect to be rewarded when we do good, but God said in response to that... you're suppose to do good.

He expects nothing less... so I must journey on,  Oh, how I must journey on.

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  1. Very poetically said about mediation in the first few sentences.