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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 6

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The more we learn, the more effective we can become.  Taking time to read inspirational or learning books can drastically change your life.  I think of it as inserting the brilliant minds of others into my own.  How much more effective can you be having different perspectives added to your own?  An ever growing problem amongst humanity is a closed mind.  When we're unwilling to view life from another persons shoes.  It's the cause of many disputes and broken relationships.

How do I establish an open mind? - The first step to developing an open mind is to widen your knowledge.  The more you learn different philosophies, cultures, and religions, your mind will open to different possibilities.  Become familiar with different views on life.  Everyone has their own story, so how could we ever think there's only one way of doing something.  A closed mind is one that absolutely refuses to believe any way is possible other than their own.

In business and life you'll always deal with people.  A close minded attitude will quickly turn your potential customers or even friends away.  Become interested in others and what makes them tick.  Ask a lot of questions and listen, not only to their answers, but also to how they answer.  There's always an opportunity to learn something when engaging in conversion.  It may shake loose an idea you've been looking for just from conversing with others.

Something I do is identify thought patterns.  Once I've picked it up, I could look at life through their eyes.  If they're brilliant thinkers, I'll see the route they take to generate these ideas and apply it to my own thinking.  A thought pattern is, in essence, the way a person thinks.  A lot of factors come together to make up a thought pattern including; Self-confidence, Self-image, religion, belief in possibilities, past experiences, education, upbringing, etc. 

Without developing an opened mind you'll find it hard to grow in business and will miss many opportunities in life.

Here's a couple of very good reads.  Think & Grow Rich, Master Key's to Riches, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,  and Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Great inspiration can always be found in the scriptures of the Bible as well.

Hopefully, you were able to see the importance of expanding your knowledge of life.

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  1. I totally agree. I read this quote in a book and was inspired... "An open mind is an attitude...meaning you DON'T think you already know everything. Purpose of education isn't to fill our minds but to open them. The more knowledge we have, the more we realize how much we don't know. This is what open mindedness is."

  2. That's a very true statement. By practicing it, it'll change your life. Thank you.