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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gratitude - Day 7

Is it a crime, in our society today, to believe in something?  Is it wrong, to speak of obtaining a successfully great future?  Then, why not speak of it more.

In my journey, I've attempted to trace the origin of our unwillingness to believe we can be greater (at least in our generation).  I believe it started when there was an attack on religion.  Once the possibilities of becoming a Higher Being have been shattered, there's no longer a foundation for hope.   Look at the world today.  From where I'm standing, I don't see anyone serious about God anymore.  Sure there's more churches on every corner than there ever where before, but we know they're operated as a business.

I feel it's very important to establish something you believe in.  It's what pushes us to strive for more.  No matter where I go, I can't find one group of friends, lovers, or any other group having a positive conversation.  Violence, hatred, anger, rioting, and selfishness feels the hearts of men.  I stood there today and wondered... what happen?  This catastrophic movement is everywhere.  From towns to cities, to states, to countries, everyone speaks negative.  As though, someone came along and stoled their light while they were sleeping.  In the morning, they woke up, and never realized their light had been taken.

Is it only me who sees this?  I have a burning desire to change this. It's a crazy notion, but have you ever felt something deep inside, telling you this is why you were born?  I can't help but be compelled to action.

Following my own words, I have to build up enough momentum to attract others to my cause.  My cause being to help my fellow man, instead of despise him.  To be the arm someone else is missing.  Could you imagine what it would feel like, if you were missing an arm and fell toward the direction of the missing arm?  Wouldn't you want the person next to you to catch you from falling??  I would, I do... I do want someone to catch me when I'm falling.  That's the purpose of brotherhood.  We have a bond with one another whether we acknowledge it or not.  That bond is created the moment we're born into this world.  Humanity is that bond.

We naturally feel overwhelmed by such a thought, because there's simply too many people to help.  However, we can give our aid to one another with kind words.  Words of encouragement travels deep into the heart of the receiver.  I'm sure at one time in our lives, we've been patted on the back by someone proud of us. It feels good doesn't it?  And, when someone tells you "great job", doesn't that life your spirits?  How about when someone tells you, your smart.  I'm sure that puts a smile on your face, doesn't it?   How much effort, do you think it would take you to tell someone something positive today?  That's right, not much.

We can be the reason for making some else's day, with a simple kind word.  Wow, that shows us how often we actually hear something positive.  It's a rare find.  Help me bring it back.

We are the captain's of our own fate.  We're steering the ship here.  So, lets choose a direction and sail toward it.

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