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Signature Xavier

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gratitude - Day 3

As I look upon mankind I wonder... Do they ever question the foolishness in their hearts?  It is strange to me that we are divided by choice as much as the North is divided from the South.  Our beliefs as different as night is from day, standing amongst ruins that once was man's foundation.

We quarrel with one another, having no direction of our own.  A world of mad-men and chaos trampling on whatever is left.  One man unwilling to help his neighbor succeed, while the other despises his neighbor's wealth.

What is wrong with us? Can we not see that one cannot succeed without the other?  The world is fighting amongst it's own, destroying any chances of having a happy and peaceful life.  I say this, because I'm tired of watching men harden their hearts to one another.  Unwilling to help each other, they follow the foolish path labeled "Every man for himself."  What are we, animals?

Without opening your heart and helping someone to better themselves or succeed, you'll never find success. I think it's time for me to define success in the context of my use of the word.  Success to me is obtaining your ultimate goal in life, whether it be wealth, health, raising your children and providing them with the tools they'll need to happily live their lives, or business.  It is the achievement of your dreams.  Many of us no longer comprehend the meaning of dreaming.  Somewhere in our lives we lost faith and hope of ever realizing them. Though, it is easier to say "I'm happy with my life even though I have not fulfilled my dreams" is evidence in itself that your dreams were abandon long ago.

I have learned from my own experiences that trying to succeed without accepting the help of others is like running up hill in the mud.  I have also learned that the unwillingness to help others leaves you in the middle of a desert, with no one wanting to find you.

We must change ourselves if we are ever to succeed.  Our mind can be our biggest enemy and for most it has been, but there's still time and hope.  If you are willing.  Have you ever blamed others for being the cause of your wrong doings or failures?  When something goes wrong, do you have good reasons why it was someone else's fault? Our mind is so good at coming up with excuses, because we've been doing it all our lives.  We were trained by our environment and by the overall population how to find fault in others.  Not wanting to be wrong is one of the most popular traits amongst us. We want others to change to suit our needs and that is the most absurd thought that could ever cross the minds of men.

In order to change those around you, you must first change yourself.  Now, think about this for a while.  How you envision others behaving towards you, you must be the one to initiate the behavior.  Trust me at first it may be very difficult to find a fault within yourself, but it's there.  The key to changing your world is the transforming of your mind... simply put, changing the way you think.

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  1. I love your blogs. Attitude and one's outlook on something/someone are the simple keys to success.

    For most people, when something happens to them, they begin to believe that, "that's the way it is and that's the way it's always going to be." And they can't see the possibility of it being any different. Example: Before April 1954, the universal belief was, no man can run the mile under 4 minutes. But a man by the name of Rogers B. came along and broke that belief, running the mile less than 4 minutes and breaking the barrier. This story is significant because, after Rogers, over 20,000 other people have succeeded as he has. When they went on the track, they knew it was possible and because someone else has achieved it, that the can do the same. These 20,000 people operated on a different belief system, saying, "it is possible;" thus, they all broke the barrier, which everyone else said was, "impossible."

  2. i soo agree xavier.. its sad but soo true... most ppl are/were affected by the cruelty of this world return they take that anger on to others and in cahain reaction they do to others as what was done to them.
    what ever happened to the old days when everyone was happy with their neighbors and fought along side them in a battle? what ever happened to real friendship, truth, honesty, loyalty and commitment... all stripped away by the anger and hurt in the hearts among ppl. what a sad world we live in.. i for one want to break this cycle as well... thank you for sharing your thoughts Xavier. you are doing such an excellent job! keep up the good work cuz u my friend are destined for greatness!

  3. I thank you both so much for your kind words! You are the fuel that keeps me burning. I know we can help someone... even if that someone is only one of us.

    Have a blessed day!