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Friday, December 24, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 7

My Journey


Time to recap over the past week.  I'm almost finished reading "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude."  Its a very good book.  I recommend it for everyone.  It has helped me to come along way and empowers me to approach everyday with a positive attitude.  Material Prosperity has been the principle in focus.  I've dealt with myself by installing positive messages into my subconscious.  When the time comes I trust they will return to me.

The imagination is the most powerful tool we have as humans.  It has created space travel, air crafts, modern technology, etc.  At one point, someone had to think it was possible to create these things.  The Wright Brothers were the first to invent and fly a powered and piloted airplane.  Henry Ford was an industrial genius! Take the time to read his story and you'll be well motivated.  Napoleon Hill was another great man that created the Success Philosophy, saying that a common man could become successful by adopting the habits of the successful. Ralph Waldo Emerson was another man of great influence in his day.  I particularly like his essay on Compensation.  You can find it online by searching "Emerson's essay on Compensation."

By investigating the great men of the past, I believe you'll quickly begin to see that something changed.  In our generations the determination to change the world hardly exists, but we can change that!  I've come to realize by my gaining Material Prosperity others will gain it as well.  When you read of the wealthy innovators you'll realize they had a specialized team to help them achieve their success.

In a previous post I spoke of our generation not helping each other and instead opposing one another.  Sure we all want to make it, and we can as long as we work together.  Team effort is what made it possible for The Wright Brothers' plan to fly.  Team effort designed and built Henry Fords pioneering Model T automobile.  Cooperative team effort gave Napoleon Hill the opportunity to interview many successful leaders of his time leading the development of the Success Philosophy.

What will be our legacy?  Will we sit back and do nothing when their is greatness to be had?  When anyone of us could have an idea locked away in your minds that could change the face of technology.  An idea that could revolutionize an industry is asleep right now somewhere in your mind.  Will you have the courage to spend your life looking for it to better humanity?

I am... now who's with me!?

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  1. me! now will you finally like my ideas...

  2. Elbert Hubbard is another great philosopher who's writings are inspirational.

  3. Yes I've read about Elbert Hubbard. Another great inspirational figure we can learn from. Thank you for sharing Josie.