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Monday, December 20, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 4

What more could one ask than to have all the desires of his heart fulfilled?  How awesome would that be?  How would it feel right now, if you already had everything you hoped for?  What would be different about your character?  Would it have an influence on the way you talk, carry yourself,  or dress.  Would it change the selection of people you keep in your company?

These are all questions we should know the answers to.  The fact that we don't, only shows how little faith we have in ever obtaining our dreams.  It's very important to take the time to meditate.  It's crucial to have a clear image of what you want to accomplish, before tackling the day.

Here's something I do:

     - Remind myself of my purpose and of my life's work before I go to bed.
     - When I wake up I remind myself "I'm a great director! Now act like one!"
     - I place before my imagination the results I'm aiming for.
     - I add passion and desire to this image.
     - I break my goals into smaller tasks, then devise them into hours of the day in my calendar.
     - Lastly, I perform my tasks with enthusiasm and great determination.

Even if I don't finish all of the tasks, I know I've made tomorrow that much better.  Every single thing I do today will be reflected in my life tomorrow.  Whatever tools I believe I'll need, I begin to develop them now.  When I wake up tomorrow, I'll be better equipped and smarter that I was today.  This is the law I live by.  There's no time for failure, nor is there time to reminisce on past events.  We don't have to be a product of our past, we can change everything about ourselves.  That's the beauty of our design.

Once I learned of the power of the subconscious mind, I immediately began to apply it to my life.  Our subconscious mind controls all functions in our body we're not consciously aware of.  Take for instance our heart beat, the task of blinking, or breathing.  These are all things our body automatically does to keep us alive, without ever having to think of doing them.

There's another function of the subconscious, which stores information from dramatic experiences in our lives.  By the age of twelve, you already experienced every feeling there is to feel.  These feelings are cataloged in your subconscious for future reference.  As an adult, when you're faced with similar situations, your subconscious mind flashes a bolt of lighting telling your conscious mind how to react.  If you had a bad experience as a child, like drowning, your subconscious has stored fear in its memory.  When you see a large body of water, you become fearful that you might drown.  Even as an adult!  At that moment of fear as a child, your conscious mind sent a large surge of energy to your subconscious warning it of danger.  It's your subconscious mind's duty to protect you from harm.  So when it feels you're in danger, it'll send emotions and thoughts to your conscious mind that will discourage you from continuing in activities it remembers causes harm.

This is an awesome power we have.  That means we can reprogram our subconscious mind to send positive signals to continue forward, rather than harmful thoughts that cause us to become discouraged.  How do we do this?  We now know the process and relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, so now we can direct it ourselves.  It takes a large amount of energy to send an effective signal to the subconscious before it'll make reference of it.  How do we send a signal?  By recreating that energy with thought and emotion.  Just think of it, create a powerful sense of urgency while keeping the picture of what you want fixated in your imagination and your conscious mind will etch that image into your subconscious.

Stay positive and remember you can accomplish anything you believe you can accomplish.  Know what you want and focus on bringing it into reality.

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