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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gratitude - Day 5

The key element of adopting successful habits into your subconscious is, focused effort.  Regardless of the amount of knowledge one obtains, it will soon disappear into the shadows of the mind without the constant application of focused effort.

Focus can be compared to a Small Area.  Effort can be compared to Energy & Mass.  The use, or misuse of these tools play an enormous role on where we end up in life.

(My own equation)

                  The equation is:  Result = EM X AS

       EM = Energy & Mass
       AS = Area Size
       Result = Outcome of Life

       Energy is equivalent to momentum and power.
       Mass is equivalent to size or amount.
       Area Size is equivalent to the idea(s) in focus.

You see, it's a mathematical equation.  If you apply little Energy & Mass to a Small Area, you'll get some results, but not much.  If you apply a lot of Energy & Mass to a Large Area, you'll end up with a lot of wasted time and energy and no results.  This is the cause of many peoples frustrations.  Which leads them to abandoning all hope. 

However, if you apply a massive quantity of EM to a very small AS, your result will be great success.
You can see how this equation doesn't necessarily have to be applied to gaining wealth.  It can be applied to gaining anything you desire.

To gain momentum, you have to take the first step. No matter how extensive your planning is, or your studying, no matter the amount of knowledge you obtain, you will never gain ground without taking the first step.  The law of the universe is "something in motion, remains in motion."  You have to take the first step.

To gain power, is a little different.  Power is accumulated effort.  It's like momentum.  However, it requires numbers.  Which of course, means you have to gain the cooperation of others.  Just think of it! You have to be able to motivate others to apply the same equation to their lives! This is an awesome challenge!

As you can plainly see, without taking the first step in applying the equation to your own life, you'll never gain the power necessary to produce wealth.  That's why it's important to adopt the characteristic of taking action and helping others.

Area Size is as equally important as the others.  Without having one definite target to hit, you may only make a small dent in your lifelong goals.  Consider the effects of a large slug hammer against the surface of a log, you can pound on it for a long time and never split it in half.  Now, consider the sharp focus of an ax's  blade, pounding down on the same log.  You'll get the results you intended.

The key is to become the best at one thing.  That one thing, can be considered one's trade, and you can't become the best without constant growth.

In conclusion, know what you want, when you want it, and how you intend to get it.  Then, take the first step.  Take action in the direction of obtaining your goal.  Don't get discouraged when no one wants to take that step with you.  You'll have to first gain momentum on your own before other's will be attracted to follow and there's nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it's the same way the universe works.  After close observation, astrologers have discovered that larger stars attract smaller weaker stars, called clusters.  When joined together, the weaker star drains energy from the larger stronger star.  Sounds a lot like humans, doesn't it! 

The fact that we're made from the same materials found in stars, probably plays a factor in this behavior. Or, maybe not.

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your post. It reminded of fact that every plant/animal, etc., have a major contribution to the existence of the world. Bees pollinate, bats are a major predator of insects and play a key role in controlling insect numbers, fungi allows us to have gardens, etc. This all plays a role in the natural law of universe, everything attracts...