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Friday, December 17, 2010

Material Prosperity - Day 1

Today marks one week since I've started my journey.  I must say it's taken some getting use to.  But now I'll keep the phrase "I may not have money, but what I do have I freely give unto you" in my subconscious.

To recap on what steps I've taken for Gratitude:

    * I started this blog to give to others what I have graciously received by God and those who love me.
    * I'm using positive self-suggestion to neutralize ill thoughts. (A form of programming the subconscious)
    * Auto-suggestion comes to my aid by flashing positive statements in response to negative statements.
    (The subconscious returning the positive statement automatically)
    * I have dedicated my life to enriching the life of both my family and loved ones.

Now, it's time to practice the principle of Material Prosperity.  The steps I've taken so far have been to identify my goals, map out my plan of attack, and have begun taking action.  The key element in accomplishing this is, motivation.  I have to keep myself energized to continue forward, even when I don't feel like it.  It's true, I find myself many times in the day not wanting to follow through with my plans.  In these instances, I turn to internal triggers I designed specifically for this occasion.

Some of my mental triggers are:

      When I think I should do something, I tell myself "Do it now!"
      I use a method of Anchoring Emotions.
      I remind myself "What you're doing right now will determine your future!"
After using these methods, I can work an entire 12 hours with great enthusiasm and determination!  Just saying them once in the morning fuels me for the whole day.  Another great trigger I use is telling myself before I go to bed, that my success is waiting for me in the morning.  I talk to myself, explaining that its very important to wake up early, because the wealthy are already up making fortunes.  Give them a try and see the benefits throughout your day.

Material Prosperity is something we all need in some way.  I intend to accomplish this without deviating from my plan.  Which, is going to be a challenge.  This one is particularly important if I plan on helping people.  How much help can I be, if I allow material limitations to get in the way.  I can give inspiring words, but at some point I'm going to need to give more.

With Material Prosperity we can do more for those we love.  Just think of it, if you had the money right now, wouldn't you be willing to give it to loved ones in need.  Of course we would!  Instead, we have to watch helplessly as they suffer because of lack.  Doctor bills can't be paid with inspirational words, but they will cause you to take action to get the resources.  So you see, we still need to obtain Material Prosperity.

I have been working hard in my lab, devising my plan.  I've been sharpening my sword and getting ready for battle.  A battle to obtain success!

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  1. Im definitly going to soak up this information.. Thanks bro