Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Be careful what thought's you keep, for they are the color paint we use.  Be careful what words you say they are the paintbrush that paints your life.  Careful the actions you take they are the canvas that mends with the paint that shapes your reality.

Before success of any kind can be obtained, you must change yourself.  You must realize the problem lies within and not without.  It is our continual pattern to look for the flaws of our surroundings, but can never identify the flaw within our own soul.

Life is attributed to many events that blend together to make our experiences.  We take these experiences as though they're written in stone.  The fact remaining, we never contributed to the feelings that etched our reality.  We simply lived through the events and made judgments based on our upbringing.  Here's the problem... who ever said our upbringing was correct.  To question such a thing... to this point in our lives is blasphemy.

Being raised as a man, to live in this world and survive, comes from much more than individualism.  If you were taught to be your own person and do whatever pleases you... you were mislead.  Every great leader knows you must lead by example.  If you want to be great, you want great things to be done, than you yourself must do great things.

Thoughts are the very thing that make up our chemistry, our personality.  These things constitute what we are... what defines us.  Easily, you can see how the simplest misconception can lead to a lifetime of  flaws and limits.  It's sad, but an accepted reality.  Is this what you want for yourself?  Is this what you feel you were born for?  Honesty, ask yourself... is this all you ever expected to achieve in life?

I'm sorry, but I'm not one of those persons that can just accept what life decides to throw at me.  Life is not our enemy, although often identified as such.  Life is within us... it is the very thing we breath within our lunges each and every morning we arise to see the perfection our Creator has flawlessly designed.  It is the thing that powers the mind to perform at its highest potential.

Think on this... the Creator, our God, Savior, and any other name you choose to call Him by, seen it so fit to put his complete attention on humanity.  We are the purpose of God.  We are His heart.  We are the reason He hasn't deserted this Earth... His children.  If you can't find the power within yourself to create a new you... No one can.  It starts with you believing within yourself, before anyone can believe in you.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Keep a careful eye on the things that surround you.  A person, a feeling, a place, spoken words, all can greatly affect your subconscious.  Those you attract, if bursting with negativity and stuck in status quo, will drag you inevitably through the dark alley's of hollow doubt.

Analyzing your environment and making the necessary changes isn't easy.  I'm convinced there isn't one man that achieved greatness without struggle and without going through some form of pain.  This is the first step to transforming your life.  Cutting a way the baggage will allow you to move more quickly and think sharper.  What are we changing here?  Friends, family, acquaintances, places you socialize that don't line up with your chosen purpose in life.

Let's get focused again.  Our purpose in this journey of walking the long roads of destiny and lonely paths of truth is to finally obtain our desired success.  Placing yourself in a setting that completely compliments your desire will cause you to become more powerful.  Associating yourself with people that have no doubt in their hearts and are even more determine to make it than you, will be your fuel.  

Before you can look for a external success, you must first accomplish an internal success.  That is, correcting the many flaws within yourself, before pursuing a great position.  All greatness comes with great responsibility.  Jesus once said "To him that much is given, much will be required."  Find the flaws in your character and correct them.  It's very easy for us to identify the flaws in others, and that's great.  Now use the same tools to look into yourself.  If you have trouble performing this, ask someone you care about and trust to give you their honest opinion.  However, don't get hurt once you hear the truth, try with all that is within you to change them.

They're only habits and they had to be formed and worked on to get them to the state they're in now.  Now that you know this, you are the farmer.  Plant your seeds in the soil of your mind and cultivate them daily with meditative thought.

There's nothing worst than working with someone that's completely negative, no faith in accomplishing dreams, who truly believes nothing will work.  Stay far away from such characters, for as the saying goes "misery loves company."  Don't become of vicim of such.  Break free and live without limitations, without doubt, without fear in your heart.

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