Signature Xavier

Signature Xavier

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Through the course of my endeavor I have experienced defeat over and over.  I have been shackled by burdens too strenuous to breakthrough.  I have felt the weight of the world resting upon my chest.  At times bringing me to my knees.  Turning again in the direction in whence I came would be easier... but not honorable.

I feel it is necessary to touch on defeat.  What is defeat?  From my prospective, defeat is none other than the stepping stones I must walk on to reach my goals.  Defeat is the process of learning or becoming acquainted with that which I have set out to conquer.  It is the evidence of growth.  When turning back to gaze upon the path I've walked I can see the steps I have imprinted in the surface of the earth.  In that moment I see clearly my progress.

At the end of the first year of my journey, I had over come obstacles that stood as tall as mountains.  After climbing to the top I thought that would be the hardest part of my journey... I was wrong.  Survival itself in the jungle is a difficult task, but add to it the refusal to move away from your calling and you have the world standing in opposition.  At the top of the first mountain I stood in awe at the sight of much greater mountains.  I realized then and am still learning that the fight to success takes a warrior.

There is something profound about struggle.  Before I embarked on this journey I thought I knew the formula to success.  However, there was one ingredient missing.  That missing ingredient was the formation of a new character purged when walking through the fire.  The fire burned me and I quickly had to adapt to my new dangerous surroundings.  The fire, simply put, is the tester.  True success cannot be had by the accumulation of wealth.  It is had by the refining of your current character.  There is an unseen law that governs and protects virtues such as happiness, peace, love, joy, and a content heart.  All  -to-which can only be gained through a true and just heart.

Money is not my desire.  It's simply a benefit of becoming a success.  My true desire lies within the luxury of undeniable peace, a blameless character, and an upholder of justice.  Struggle and the refusal to be defeated creates an unfailing strength that will get you through the testy waters.

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