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Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Have you ever noticed times where you've had super human motivation, and other times you can't find the strength to climb out of bed?  It becomes a strange phenomena when we fail to identify it's root, called Stimuli.  Stimuli is the very element that stimulates your mind and springs you to action.

I, myself, have to work keeping my stimuli in mind.  I recently lost focus of my stimuli and motivation disappeared.  It took days, if not weeks, to re-establish the spark that triggers my creative imagination.  When investigating, I found nothing had changed around me, but my thoughts.  The power of my own thoughts caused a destructive cycle to occur.  For the last week I fought against this negative cycle with no avail, taking on a character that wasn't my own.  I couldn't take it anymore and remembered I needed to find that spark which causes the fames of motivation to explode.

I found my stimuli and immediately felt reborn.  It's strange how quickly our mind reverts to negative thoughts when not being monitored. Have you experienced something of this nature? Great! It's perfectly normal.  Now it's time to search for what springs you to action.

Here's a demonstration of what we're capable of and how to use it.  At work, when asked to do something more than is required by our job description, an undesirable feeling comes.  As a result, our work is undesirable in our employer's eyes and suddenly a raise is out of the question.  What if our parents ask us to accomplish the same task?  Would we give the same effort? No, of course not!  What changed?  Our thoughts!  Then feelings tag along and either caused anger for having to work harder, or, pleasure to help someone you love.

Can you imagine the possibilities of harnessing such power!  Wow, that gets me excited!  In the end, just remember friends, don't allow your current reality to choke out your dreams.  Fight against  those negative thoughts with positive ones and find your stimuli.

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