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Signature Xavier

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



How many of us are effected by what is unknown to us?  What part does this unknown play in our everyday life?  Can you vividly imagine your life's end?  Can you feel the emotions triggered by future events?  Is it possible to reach into the future and change the very course of our lives?

By using our imagination we can create our future.  Most say it's impossible to know future events; that we're blindly drifting along the river of life.  I humbly disagree.  What if I were to tell you it's possible to tell future events by simply observing your current state.  Our thoughts trigger emotions, but not new emotions.  The emotions being displayed are from the very archives of your mind.  Everything you feel today comes from a stored emotion created by similar events in your past.

How does this help us determine our future?  While in a state of deep meditation, I was shown that everyone's past, present, and future are all around us.  The events responsible for our emotions have long passed, but the effects of them remain.  The remains are our memories.  With this being true it's not difficult to combined possible future events with the stored information that resinates our being.  I was shown this to explain my ability of being able to see the past, present, and future of others.

You can use this gift by looking into yourself.  It's called foresight.  Being able to accurately determine your behavior under certain circumstances will give you a good idea as to what your reaction would be if they were to come true.  Once you've established your reaction you'll be able to determine if its a favorable one.  If not, this would be the time to restructure your emotions associated with that particular thought or future event.  When this future event occurs your mind will revert back to the newly stored emotion rather than the unfavorable one.

If you can't see yourself living a successful life... more than likely you'll never achieve it.  Accurately use your imagination to see a bright future.  Then, begin to live into that future as though it were already true.

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  1. Thank you for putting that in perspective...I thought all along that I was just day dreaming then years later it felt like a deja vu when it actually happened. I guess because I never took my "day dreaming" seriously. It goes to show a mind is a terrible thing to waste.