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Signature Xavier

Monday, January 3, 2011




Today, I felt it necessary to speak about the person within us that gets very little to no attention.  What constitutes living true to ones self?  How do we know at the end of our lives we'll have fulfillment?  What could we do in our daily lives to feed the desires of our inner being?

We cannot become fully functioning in our lives without acquiring the knowledge of who we are.  Much needed information comes from truly knowing yourself.  What makes you feel deeply satisfied inside?  What are your passions?  What do you desire above all things in life?  What are your true fears?  What buried emotions from the distant past erode your present judgment?

These are questions we should be able to readily answer.  Yet they evade us.  Taking time to be alone with yourself and talking over these subjects can prove to be very beneficial.  How much time does it take?  It can be an hour or two a day.  In my own experience, I sat for 5 hours unwilling to move until I got the answers I was looking for.  I discovered many truths of myself and also of life.  After months of training my mind in this way not only did I have a clearer perspective of my life, but answers started to come quicker.  Any questions arising from my day-to-day life began to unfold before me on that very day.  Soon the answers came within the hour.

I can't express how desperately needed this is amongst our generation.  In my imagination, I see a parade of people walking together.  They seem to know happiness, because they have such laughter.  I then, realize they are a group of fools with no direction.  They have gathered into a great multitude, those that love to follow, but didn't have a leader.  Those who never understood their purpose, wandered aimlessly into the desert.  When they come to their senses they won't know their location or how to return from where they came.  Even if they knew their way back, time would not permit another lengthy journey.

Take time out of your day to get to know yourself better.  Trust me, you'll see the difference.

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