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Signature Xavier

Sunday, January 2, 2011



There's another realm that makes up who we are and that's the spirit.  We can eat healthy food and feed ourselves positive thoughts and still not be completely healthy.  The spirit man within us also requires food to stay healthy.  Spiritual food uplifts our spirit, and in turn our spirit produces happiness.

There are plenty resources to find Spiritual Food, the best being the Bible.  Words of Life will generate life within us and spring us to new heights.  It shows us what's possible and causes our hope for greater things to flourish.  It calls upon our faith which is so important in any endeavor in life.  Faith causes a man to dedicate his life to his work like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill, etc.  Men like these gave many years of their lives to create what would come to be known as their life's work.

Throughout the history of the United States, the leaders have been men of faith.  Faith in God causes the heart to seek peace with his fellow man.  It causes our perception of life to widen, allowing us to see a bigger picture.  It'll cause you to think of eternity, and thus deepening your pattern of thought.

We all display a type of faith on a daily basis when we work without being paid up front.  We have faith that our employer is able to satisfy his obligation.  We do this without questioning it.  Nine hours of your life dedicated to a person of business that promises to pay you at the end of the week, two weeks, or end of the month.  If we put the same faith into something greater we just might be motivated to chase after greater things.

Honestly ask yourself, am I where I thought I would be, in life at this age, when I was in high school?  Chances are life is a little different than what we imagined.  This can be identified and traced to the inner workings of faith in our mind.  We lived into the limited reality we felt was possible at the time we made our decisions.  Step back and take a look at everything you've learn from life.  Look through all of your experiences.  Now ask yourself, if I could go back would I do things the same way?  If you're like me the answer is No.  This is a good thing!  We now have the opportunity to change our lives right now to incorporate all of our findings into our decisions.

We can become that person we always thought we would be! Make the decision to make a change in your life.  There's no better time than now!

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