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Wednesday, January 5, 2011



I thought I'd take the time to tell the story of when I first applied the Laws of Success in my life.  Hopefully, it'll give you a spark of inspiration to do something similar.

It was in July of 2009, when I first read the book "Think and Grow Rich".  I carefully went through each step provided throughout the chapters in the book.  I sat in a break room of the attorney's office I worked for and began to write out my life's plan.  The first thing I had to write was my definite chief aim.  To my dismay, I couldn't think of one thing to write down.  I puzzled over this question for two weeks before I finally came to terms with what I wanted.

The first mention of my desire I dismissed as being a foolish idea.  That desire was to become a respected movie director someday.  I told myself it wasn't possible and continued looking for other ideas.  Then, on the last day of the two weeks I asked myself, "why isn't it possible?"  To my surprise, I couldn't come up with an answer.  I had been asking myself the wrong question the whole time.

Once I made it my goal, I began with the next steps. Which were determining the exact date I planned on achieving my definite chief aim, and the exact steps I was going to take to obtain it.  These are the three most crucial steps to discover within yourself,  before you can begin down the road to fulfilling your dreams.  Think of building a house without a blue print.  How successful do you honestly think you'll be?

Soon after I answered these questions, I quit my job of 6 years working for a respected attorney.  The things that caused me to follow through with my plan where these thoughts; Create your own chaos and burn your bridges.  Creating your own chaos is grounded in the evidence of everyone throughout history.  Every time chaos presents itself we change significantly, but only by it's force.  Otherwise, we'd stay the same forever, stuck in our beloved comfort zone.

Burning your bridges comes after you've decided to act.  You set off for your adventure burning the bridge behind you.  Meaning there's no way to get back from where you came.  There's no possibility to stop and go back to what you've known, because you've destroyed that way in your mind.  It's eliminating the possibility of failure and the only way back home is by accomplishing your definite chief aim.

It doesn't hurt to have a friend that's willing to travel the journey with you.  My friend, strangely enough, thought it was a good idea to jump as well.  He's the one that pushed me off the cliff.  Thanks George!  It's also made possible by my girlfriend, whom has supported me thoroughly throughout my venture.  Thanks Kelly!

Now, my business partner and I get regular work doing what we love and have done over fifty videos together.  All of us can only get better if we apply persistence.  Anything you want to become can be achieved with constant effort toward it's direction.

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  1. Inspirational! you are very courageous!

  2. Uh, I believe you've forgotten to mention -- ME. haha. Good read, buddy.