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Signature Xavier

Friday, August 12, 2011


WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT to live in a world where there are no obstacles and nothing gets in your way from having everything you've ever wanted? IMAGINE a world where everyone's on your side rooting for you to succeed, a world where you couldn't find one voice of criticism.  Can you IMAGINE living a life with no limitations where everything you dreamed up was possible for you to accomplish?  Can you IMAGINE the overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy you'd have everyday from being successful at what you love?  Being able to provide for your loved ones and knowing you've changed everything?  Can you IMAGINE the moment where you realize you've positively affected the lives of those you love, who love you, and those who take to heart your words and examples?

If you can IMAGINE these things then you have already experience what it feels like to be there.  For a brief moment you were teleported to the time and place where you are that person you want to be.  It's possible to experience these feelings everyday all day if you have the discipline.

I'd like to talk to you about BELIEF, what it is, and how it affects us.  In previous writings I've discussed thoughts and how changing them can alter your life forever.  Now, I'd like to go a little deeper into the center of our being.  Our BELIEFS are what make us who we are.  In everyday decisions we depend on our BELIEF'S to guide us. BELIEFS are what we feel about the world and everything in it.  Throughout your life you've made both conscious and subconscious decisions about how you're going to feel about a certain subject.  For the most part, these BELIEFS go uncensored for the majority of our lives and sometimes for the remainder of our lives.

Our BELIEFS govern our behavior.  If you truly believe in your heart you were born to be great nothing can sway you from your quest to obtain it.  Likewise, if you truly believe you'll never be one of those successful people... you never will be. Nor can you, because everything within you will come against you every time you try. The negative voice of the left side of your brain will dominate your person and you'll constantly repeat the negative thoughts in your mind until you are thoroughly convinced they're true.

You gain power of your BELIEFS when you realize you have the power and ability to change them.  Take some time to be alone and examine your BELIEFS about yourself.  Do you honestly believe you were created to be great?  Well, why not???  If asking yourself this question makes you feel doubt about your potential then change the way you feel about it.  Perhaps everyone has been in a situation where they were confident they were going to win at something.  Whether it be a game, a bet, or a fight. There has been a time in your life when you were certain of yourself.  Even if it was just for a brief moment.

Let us use the imagination we have and IMAGINE waking up one morning and feeling completely confident.  When you walk outside everyone says "hi" to you and smiles.  IMAGINE pulling up to work and already feeling completely confident that no matter what problems arise you're completely ready for them.  You know for a fact you have the intelligence to overcome them.  IMAGINE how it feels when everything you do comes so easily to you.  Without effort you're able to be the best at everything you do.  IMAGINE how it feels to never be afraid of failing, because you know if you don't know something you could easily learn it.

Its totally possible!  If you have the ability to IMAGINE, then you have the power to create.  All it takes is for you to START NOW.

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  1. Brilliant words! I will have to read this everyday to keep me motivated.