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Signature Xavier

Friday, July 22, 2011


As we walk through the dusty roads of predicament and struggle with strife from the life we were handed at birth, we seldom realize the beauty that surrounds us.  Our eyes become corrupted from our thoughts and false beliefs so much that what we perceive isn't actually what's really there.  It is easy to spot the colors of others... but who will save us from ourselves?

We are comprised of vast complexities, ruled by the internal Self, which many have not come to know or realize.  The power of Self is of extraordinary proportions.  If only we would learn to harness it instead of allowing it to run unmanned.  Here is the wonderful truth... we can control it.  Like the first time you took a step as an infant you can step out into the unknown practices of Self Control.  Learning to control the Self also entails controlling your thoughts.  We whisper to ourselves constantly throughout the day without monitoring what is being said.  We look at something and speak to ourselves saying what we feel about it.  Such statements include:
"uh I hate that", "that's stupid", "I can't stand that person", "stupid haters", "I wish I could do that", "if only I had that then I would be happy too",  etc.

I'm sure you get the point.  As you make these statements with repetition they are impressed deeply into your subconscious mind as a seed planted in soil.  The next thing that happens is these seeds are cultivated in thought.  Habits are developed and it becomes the makeup of your character.

WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!  When we learn to change ourselves.  The question is how do we change ourselves? The answer is something most people don't want to hear... but I'm sure you're dying to hear it! Change starts with our thoughts and beliefs.  Here's an example; Normally you make this statement to yourself in the morning before going to work "I hate going to work." This is the thought you've made a habit thinking.  Your belief is something similar to "Work is boring, but it pays the bills" or "its something I have to do, but don't want to."  Both the thought and belief in this case produce negative chemicals in your body and thus we feel.  The feeling of hate in your body was cause by the thought of "hate" and enforced by the belief "This is boring or painful."  Therefore, every time you think of work or hear the word mentioned you feel "hate and pain."  Of course, its going to be a bad experience with that attitude!  Tell yourself to SHUT UP!

In order for true change to occur you must be WILLING TO CHANGE the way you THINK and BELIEVE.  The best way to start is to tell yourself "I was just looking at it wrong."  Then begin to look for the good in what is before you.  The job situation was just an example.  There are many thoughts and beliefs that you have that cause problems.  Not being able to see the problems in yourself will always cause the solution to elude you.  If you're a person that has a pattern of bad luck in relationships, employment, or in life in general... chances are you're the problem!

There's plenty of knowledge in the world that has been discovered by great men and women and recorded on paper with ink.  These sacred records are called books and they're everywhere!  If you're struggling with change first admit to yourself that you don't know everything.  Create an open mind by saying "it's possible that there may be something written in these books that can change my life forever."

The word "habit" is the key!  If you make a habit of thinking bad and feeling bad your always going to feel bad.  If you make a habit of thinking positive and feeling happy chances are you're going to feel really good about yourself.  It doesn't stop with thoughts and beliefs... you have to take action!  Get out there and do what you love!   Don't let the world tell you what to do in your life!  You tell the world what your going to do with your life... and it starts with you doing it right now!  Surprise them by taking the initiative of having fun without the worlds permission!  Laugh for no reason!  Smile and wave at everyone without caring what they'll say!  Wake up early on the weekend and go to the lake without any friends!  Then maybe you'll discover the fun in you!  Don't look for fun, create it!  Make it fun for others to be around you!  Be silly and laugh at yourself, because laughing is contagious!  Do anything and everything it takes to create happiness!  Its your birth-right!

I believe in you and know you have the ability to change your life for the good and positive of not only yourself, but for all those around you.

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  1. Great blog! I'm still shock on the number of people who don't read on the daily.