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Signature Xavier

Thursday, October 2, 2014


It is my belief that deep down inside we all long for change. Not just small subtle change, but a completely different life-change. Perhaps, we wish we would've lived a different life or made different choices when we were younger that would've ultimately set us on a different path. Throughout the course of my life, I've had my share of moments where I gaze off into nothingness and contemplate my life's end. Revisiting particular events that, had I acted in another way, would have taken me down a completely different road. It's a phenomenon to be able to look back in retrospect and see that every choice I made, whether I felt it was wrong or right at the time, led me to where I am today... Exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Out of all the vast research and dedication to searching for the answers to my life. After all the books I've read and countless hours of studying human behavior. I have concluded my own version of all the different philosophies, all the different religious beliefs, and defined the desire for more. Of course, this concentrated antidote has only been used on me thus far. The results I've benefited from is an accelerated pattern of thought and action that has propelled me into the person I am today... a complete 180 of who I was. I can only speculate as to what will become of me 10 years from now, with the process of discovering new knowledge, then being sifted, compressed, and compounded until pure wisdom pours out.

What are the secrets of success? My process has made me a wealthy man. I have enjoyed some material gain, an ever-growing skill set in my profession, the freedom of time, but more than that I have become rich in character. Which was my initial goal when I first set out to succeed. I questioned if my character would stay intact while journeying to self discovery. I'm excited to know it's not only intact, but has formulated into something far greater than I could've hoped for.

I set out seven years ago to develop my own process of creating instant change in others. I realized that simply speaking truth didn't create permanent change, only temporal. It was my sole desire to help people with permanency. So that in my absences they could stand and not be shaken by adversities. When I'm finished with it, it won't only be in verbal form or only live in literature, but it'll become a part of the soul of man.

Here's four easy steps to practice daily to promote change:
Step One: Figure out who you want to become in life. (not so easy)
Step Two: Remind yourself every night before you go to bed.
Step Three: When you wake up, remind yourself again.
Step Four: While you're working or just living your life, ask yourself "Are my actions right now helping me become who I want to be? If not, what should I be doing instead?"

One day I'll release my concentrated antidote to the world. In the meantime, follow your heart, chase your dreams, live in the moment, and don't conform to a life you do not desire.

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